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  1. Hi everyone, I'm already a member of this forum under the name 'elzawelza' and I joined via facebook but for some reason there's an error whenever I try and sign in again so have had to re-join as I desperately need help with this issue...anyway, that is besides the point of this post lol. Basically, I have a 56 plate Prius T-Spirit, which has all the bells and whistles on it so hopefully that'll be a good start to explaining the situation. Anyway, I connect my Samsung Galaxy S3 to it via Bluetooth and its fine, until I'm about 25 mins + into a phone call. It then starts cutting out randomly so I start to sound like a computer with my voice cutting in and out. Problem is, I don't know its happening but the person I'm speaking to thinks I do so they start speaking louder until it gets to the point where we end up arguing because of the way my voice is going through sounds as if I know its happening...does that make sense? The other person's voice comes through absolutely fine with no breaking up at all. Anyway, I've tested my phone by phoning people when I'm not connected to my Bluetooth but in the car (I'm wasn't driving tho I hasten to add lol) and there's no cutting out and neither is there any cutting out when I'm not on Bluetooth but the other person is, so I'm pretty convinced its not the phone itself. Thus I'm just wondering, has anyone else had this issue? And if so, how was it resolved? Was it just a case of a simple software update to the Bluetooth part of the car? Or is it something more? Thanks :D
  2. Welcome to the Toyota forums elzifan :)