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  1. P34RC3

    New Boots

    Ah right. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Never seen them before.
  2. P34RC3

    New Boots

    I just had new tyres put on my rims. I went for uniroyal rainsports. Didnt cost alot from camskil then i had a garage fit them for £20. Bargain :) Be nice to hear how you get on with them. Also have you got any pics of this so called stanced look. Have you had your car 4 wheel aligned? maybe the camber is out? Also whats the rim protector? That like them coloured bands?
  3. Hey all My wheels are not in the best condition. they have paint bubbles on and a couple of kerb marks. Im thinking of doing a refurb on them myself to keep costs down. Iv done a fair amount of spraying so reasonably confident of doing it. Question is shall i change the colour. I was wondering if anyone else had changed the colour of there sr180 wheels? If so do you have any pics? Was toying with black wheels but this would be my 4th car with black wheels if i do it lol.
  4. +1 braided hoses are amazing full stop. ;)
  5. Just been weighing up what to do for a bike rack. Iv seen you can get tow bar racks which i feel maybe better. 1 u can see the bikes whilst driving and 2 it easier to get on and off. Downsides you got to roll with a tow bar on the back of the car when not using the rack. price's are roughly the same as a roof rack but i do feel that the roof rack could damage the car. Also another option (the cheap one) is a high boot mounted rack. Now this looks like it could miss the rear spoiler however the bikes might be difficult to get on and off because of the angle. Has anyone else had any experience with the tow bar rack?
  6. Whats the max torque and bhp u can get out of the 2.2 lump? Also does your box up the boost pressure on the 2.2 too.
  7. Lol yh save the money. Might have to do that then. Saves me trouble later then.
  8. Well I have no problems I just wanted to stop it happening lol. Wonder if u can order this modified pipe or weather its something they just make up in the work shop. I do alot of town driving so maybe its wise to clean the dpf 2? It is however my toy since I have a company van so it does get driven harder than the average person lol.
  9. Have you cleaned the sensor pipe out? What is best to use to clean it. Has anyone even done this them selfs? Id rather not pay if if someone knows lol. May as well pay for someone to do it then lol!
  10. As title. Think ill give it a clean this summer along with a service.
  11. Ok thanks for your help frostyballs
  12. Will these definitely fit a sr180 3door? My spoiler wont get in the way will it?
  13. Will these definitely fit a sr180 3door? My spoiler wont get in the way will it?
  14. Can i get a roof rack that i can put bikes on for my 3door sr 180? If so where from and how much?
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