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  1. Yup Just up above the space between the throttle and brake pedal . Mine was a bit fiddley the connect it so be gentle
  2. Got it sorted The air intake manifold was stuffed up with carbon soot . Took it off and cleaned it out . Alls fine now
  3. hi all im a new member , i bought an 2004 2.ol d4d avensis last week ,on the way home the cheak engine light came on i looked it up and the most common fault listed was the egr valve sticking so i cleaned it up and the same problem came up .code was p0400 i got a second hand unit same problem came up so i just bought a new one . even with the new valve the same problem came up i took the first valve off and cheaked the air flow coming from the exhaust and the vacuum going into the inlet and neither where not blocked ? so im thinking either the stainless steel gasket has a problem or the sensor picking up the gas flow into the engine is a fault . any help would be greatly apperciated thankyou .
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums gerry68 :)