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  1. Boattinker, hopefully this will help, it can be confusing as certain people explain it differently, but when mine went faulty last year, this worked a treat
  2. Movilla Road for 40 years, over here for 10πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
  3. Ferrispedro, had a similar problem on the other corner, went to a local supplier of Automotive car paints, and they use either lots of colour swatches OR a portable colour scanner, and end up with a perfect match, ( as they’re doing it all the time and have good experience) he was able to supply a small amount of the required paint in a tin or aerosol can, from your location, I would try a couple of places in Ards on the Crawfordsburn Road, or Colin Adams in Mark street, happy huntingπŸ‘
  4. Have an 02 RAV4 4door Auto (petrol) and have noticed that the drivers window is starting be very slow, so looked for a replacement, Online Automotive shows 2 types for my car, Does anyone know which one I should purchase? My last RAV4 (a generation one) cable broke and window dropped open, various web searches show cable operation AND gear driven motor variants, thanks in anticipation.
  5. Vjm, totally agree with gjnorthall's views, about the gearbox, had your exact problems 2 years ago and was in panic mode thinking I needed a re-placement gearbox, (love my Rav), found out about Ecutesting in Derby from here on the forum, removed and sent off for repair, easy done as its behind the glovebox, back in less than a week and going like a Swiss watch ever since, complete with 2 year warranty, would be very easy for your local mechanic if your not happy doing it yourself, it is secured ( the ECU) by oddball Torx screws, the forum suggested I get the Torx bits from Amazon, BTW the 2002 model RAV4 Auto is renowned for its ECU going faulty.
  6. Hi James, on my model ( the one before yours) when outside the car, press lock button once, car locks, or press twice in quick succession, car 'dead locks' or press three times, car locks, 'dead locks' and disables internal alarm sensors, for animals and children. Hope it's the same for youπŸ‘
  7. Thanks Frostyballs and IanML, I now know how to PM πŸ˜ƒ, and yes Ian, that's where my confusion is, as it hasn't really effected the fuel consumption except by about 2mpg, I have assumed that it's downstream, Therefore bottom right, it's just that I don't want to get the wrong one and find that it only works for about 5 mins, thanks πŸ‘
  8. Hi Guys, Had the Mil light last year light up, so got myself an OBD meter from Amazon, Car is an 02 RAV4 Auto petrol, so spent days going through the FAQ's on the forum, the code is P0141, but the more I got involved, the more confused I got, ( IQ in double digits) I seems that it's Bank 1, sensor 2, but there's a crossover in the exaust manifold, So looking at the engine from the front (of the 4 sensors) it's the bottom right sensor, Question,? Don't know where to get my hands on the proper Denso sensor OR the part number, and have read that fitting the wrong one is a mistake, FAQ's mentioned private messaging Parts King, don't know how to do that via IPad, my local garage said they're happy to do the job if I supply the right part and that it might only need the threads cleaned up, any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  9. Hi Steve, I don't have the same model, but maybe the answer would be to get the 'wally' who done the job back and ask him to explain the damaged trim, it is obviously damaged and not as before, shameπŸ˜”
  10. Maybe I am missing something here, but on the 2002 model, I just drop my cup in and behind it you will see 2x serrated lips ( 1 for each cup) they slide out and fit snugly around any size of cup, mind you I had the car for 6 months before I discovered these,πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
  11. Thanks grumpy stumpy, sounds the business, think your right regarding the plugs, good man, πŸ˜€πŸ‘
  12. Has anyone got the proper information on which Make, Type, and price to pay for the correct sensor for Bank 2 sensor 2, after showing a P0141 code, 2ltr petrol, 2002 Auto, Seems that NKG, Denso, or Bosh, are all possibilities, but have heard that fitting the wrong make or even a universal one can still cause problems, Would appreciate any info, thanks in advance πŸ‘
  13. Great post on the speedo, however your mention of water getting in from the sun roof might be caused by a problem I had in a number of cars, though NOT a RAV4, in most sunroofs of this quality there is normally 1or 2 drain holes in the corners of the sunroof, seen when it's open and looking down from above and in the corners, check that they're clear, best done by using a long welding rod, then flush out with small low pressure hose, water will appear somewhere behind the front wheels and on the ground. Hope this is of some help.


  14. Yip, Phil, I agree with you there, I think the RAV4 is so very underestimated, though the diesel has a few problems, my daughter is on her second one in Brisbane in Oz, loves them, I would never be with out one, even though I am trying to sort out the dreaded MIL light with a P0141 code, bank 1 sensor 2, awaiting a Lambda socket to arrive, Take care πŸ˜‰
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