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  1. delmar

    Chassis Braces

    hi...could anyone tell me where the best place to buy rear lower chassis braces for my mr2 is...thanks
  2. delmar

    Battery Choice

    hi...i need a new battery for my 1994 mr2,does anyone know if there is a battery of preference,there seem to be a few to choose from...any recommendations please..
  3. delmar

    Repair Manual

    hi..could anyone tell me where i can get a repair manual for a 1994 mr2...either haynes type or on cd...many thanks
  4. delmar

    Tick Over Problem

    no there are no lights on the there any way to tell in a sensor has gone
  5. hi...i have a problem with the tick over on my 1994 mr2... the revs are racing and dropping sometimes dropping so low that the engine stalls but usually races between 400 revs to 1200 is worse when cold...doesnt seem so bad when warmed up...any ideas on what could be causing this to happen would be greatfully recieved...thanks
  6. delmar

    Part Name

    thankyou for your help...that looks like the part i am looking for to replace the rusted one on mine
  7. hi .. i have a problem with the central locking on my 1994 mr2...when i turn the key in the drivers door to lock the car,the passenger door unlocks...any ideas please
  8. delmar

    Part Name

    hi..i have just bought my first is a 1994 model and i have a question...when looking in the engine bay from the drivers side,at the bottom of the engine bay on the right hand side there is a steel rod which looks like some sort of strut...can anyone tell me what this is called please....thanks..
  9. just wanted to say hi as i am a new member...hi everyone