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  1. cheers opted to change the lambda sensor wasn't too pricey neither picking it up tomorrow so lets see what happens. mpg is all over now down to 19mpg this morning so its defiantly something cheers steve
  2. guys this morning I have the mil light on and have read the codes and comes up with p0031 bank 1 sensor 1 not too sure on the description of the fault code I have tried clearing the fault with the scanner I have but it just keeps coming back within 2-3 miles of driving anyways I have tested the top right lambda sensor to see if there is any resistance through it with a voltmeter using the ohms setting and there isn't any readings at all tried the left hand sensor and I have a reading on this one would you say the sensor is kaput I believe it is the car hasn't lost any power or mpg at the moment but due to being booked in for the MOT next Friday I think its best off changing it due to emission's test am I correct in thinking this car is a 55reg 2.0 vvt-i any advice appreciated Steve
  3. Mine is exactly the same low end is garbage get it above 3500rpm and it goes like stink also 2.0vvti
  4. Cool ive been looking for one as light as possible so ive seen a few at around 1000 kgs fully laden by the sounds of it the car should play with this no problem wanted a light one due to not towing a van before so i will be learning and will be going steady till i get used to it What mpg should i expect to get obviusly it will go down Cheers steve
  5. Guys is the avensis 2.0vvti 55reg a good tow car if so what is the max weight it will pull and what would it pull comfortably as i have never towed a caravan before Cheers Steve
  6. Guys Ive just snapped the bolt that one of the wheel nuts bolt on to how hard of a job is it to replace one anyone know a step by step of doing the job Cheers Steve
  7. Does this sound worse when you are giving it some and you are changing from 1st to 2nd yours sounds just like the problem i am having but mine is a 2.0vvti
  8. Guys Engine management light has come on today i read the codes and it says p0156 and p0156 pending fault ive found out that its 02 sensor but which one what else could cause this fault idle has now gone to 2000 rpm when cold and 1000rpm when walm there is no missfire or anything the car seems to be running perfectly apart from this Any advice welcome 2.0vvti 55 plate Steve
  9. Are the rear calipers push back or wind back on this model as my disks have a large lip and pads are very worn but will need to buy a tool before attempting to do them if there are wind backs which way do they go Steve
  10. Ive allready done the above it seems to be at 2000rpm ish
  11. No nothing at all just seems to be when trying to accelerate in 5th from 50mph ish to around 60-65 there doesnt seem to be a lot of vibration eather just the noise
  12. Guys My car has developed a grumble at between 50-60mph when in 5th gear it could be classed as sounding like an air induction type noise this doesnt happen all the time but is happening quite a lot now any ideas what this could be Steve 2.0vvti 55 reg
  13. Sounds pretty simple then going to have a go when i come back off my jollies as the clutch is doing my head in atm Cheers Steve
  14. Guys Am i right in saying if i change the slave cylinder would i have to bleed the brakes aswell or would you just have to bleed the clutch by deperssing it 3-4 times then holding the pedal down whilst having the bleed screw open Steve
  15. Yeah they dont stock them i messaged them
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