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  1. I had long conversations with Toyota Customer Service about this but It was my local Service Manager that gave me the reason - the latest Avensis has a saddle fuel tank so when the fuel warning light comes on there will be about 16-18 litres still left in the tank. Toyota should have made this known to their customers but didn't. It is a bit of a pain but you get use to it and fuel consumption is better than previous model
  2. I took this up with Toyota customers services and after some pressing they admitted that the design of the fuel tank had changed with the latest model. It's really annoying but there is nothing that can be done about it. Toyota have been a bit sneaky; the latest manual still stays the reserve is 9L Would be interested in how you get on with your local dealership - don't get you hopes up though
  3. Hi revband What was the weather like when you tried it? I had low cloud the other week and it won't work. The conditions have to be almost perfect for it to work and it seems to be a lot slower to engage, at least initially.
  4. Hi Revband Glad to hear you got the vibration issue sorted out. I have exactly the same issue but only when it's really cold, although gear stick vibrates in neutral. I think I'll hand in a copy of this thread with the next service. Like you and others I have mixed views on this car - it feels like it was all put together without real thought. The car rides better and looks inside and out have improved but the BMW engine is not a good match. Also, I wish the time display was a bit bigger and there was a power socket and USB port at the front. I am still contending with customer services over the front seat as there is definitely a fault with mine. The next stage is getting an independent engineer's report, hopefully that will move them to do something
  5. Hi Ivan Sorry but I'm still trying to sort this out with customer services. Your complaint is different from mine, my seat issue is with the base not the lumbar area. Have you taken the car to your local dealership?
  6. Wow - that was quick - thanks I sat in a BE plus in the showroom but I really couldn't tell without driving it. I asked Toyota if they could arrange a test drive in another Excel grade, which they said they could but my local dealer doesn't have that grade currently in stock. Besides, customers services told me that even if I did/didn't find the same issue, they still weren't going to do anything about it. I also suggested getting an independent report, offering to pay but again they said that wouldn't change anything. Plus, they told me if I got anybody else to fix it that would potentially have a bearing on the warranty. I know it's not just me as my wife is complaining about it now but perhaps it's only my car or a bad batch of seat bases or even because the seats are heated? Whatever the case, one thing is for sure - I'm totally disgusted by the response from Toyota. As far as I can tell they didn't road test the car, the wrong area was reported in the report - they didn't re-investigate. They deny there is a problem - how - by a visual check of another Avensis seat, that is "it's look the same". They will not give me a copy of the full report. Sorry for ranting.
  7. Hi All Thanks for your comments on the seats. My issue is more of a flaw with the seat - the second stitch line on the seat base; the stitch line at the rear of the seat. Unlike the stitch line at the front there is no support, at least on my seat, on the second stitch line. The means the stitch line acts like a tight piece of string and constantly moves when I'm driving. It's actually getting worse and not only is it uncomfortable it’s extremely distracting, not ideal when you need to be fully focused on driving the car. I might be the only one experiencing this; it might just be my seat, although the passenger seat has the same flaw, but the seat in not as described in the brochure, not fit for purpose and is certainly faulty. Toyota continue to give me the brush-off but I'm determined to pursue this. I’m getting legal advice from a lawyer next week Also, for info I have the heated seats but not sure if that would make a difference I've attached a photo - the red line shows the 2nd stitch line on the front seat. Ignore the green area - the Toyota technician highlighted the wrong area in the report to Toyota. Even when I pointed out to customers services that the wrong area of the seat had been looked at, they weren't interested.
  8. Frostyballs - you are quite right but I bought the car from a Toyota dealership in Birmingham and I live in Edinburgh. As such, Toyota agreed that I could use my local dealer and communicate with Toyota customer services. I don't want to return the car, I would lose thousands. I just want the car as described in the glossy brochure - comfortable seats that suit all drivers - I don't think that is too much to ask. Wheelie1978 - 1 Safety Sense - see your dealer or get in touch with customers services, I've just had the fix done 2 Complain directly to customer services about the fuel tank. I got them to admit that the design had been changed and that it was not documented They assured me that they would take it up marketing. Perhaps if enough people complain about it they will do something about it.
  9. Hi Ivan I'm going to get in touch with Trading Standards and get legal advice first. I'll keep you informed. Revband - hope you get on with Toyota better than I am at the moment. I really thought Toyota were different but they will not budge - the refuse to acknowledge that there is anything wrong with the seats. They have been, how shall I put it; politely arrogant. All they have done is noted my comments about the stitch line on the rear of the base. They haven't road tested it, the picture they took highlighted the wrong area and they will not provide a copy of the report from my dealership. I've even asked if I can test another car, which they agreed to, while telling me even if I find the same "fault" their position will remain unchanged. It all smells of corporate cover-up. I beginning to think that they know that there are issues with the quality of the front seats but will not do anything about it unless enough people complain. Seats aside, I could see myself living quite happily with this car but my current experience with Toyota and their intransigent position is putting me right off. Others beware, if you are thinking about buying the new model make sure you have a proper test drive, particularly over rough surfaces because, at least for me, sitting on this rear stitch line is like sitting on a guitar string - not pleasant at all and by far the most uncomfortable car seat I've sat in to date.
  10. Hi Ivan Like you, I can live with the fuel tank but the seat is driving me mad. I'm still in discussions with Toyota customer services but all they will do is record the issue. They will not do anything about it unless enough people complain. I even copied in the MD but that was a waste of time. It's all about how much money it will cost to rectify the issue with the front seats vs how many customers they will lose. I'm going to see a specialist car upholsterer to see what they suggest. To be honest there is much to like about this car but as this is probably the last Avensis I think they have cut corners in order to push it through to production.
  11. I thought it was the heater fan at first but the noise is still there when the system is off. The noise is only there now when the temp is 2 degrees or below, when the car is idling or low revs. Fuel - Toyota have just got back to me about the fuel tank - the design has changed. So, with the latest model the warning light will come on when there is 15L-18L left in the tank. Seats - Toyota will not do anything about the front seats unless they receive similar complaints. Perhaps I should get collagen injections in the buttocks. I wonder, can I return the car?
  12. Revband - Can I ask if the noise you are experiencing from the air filter box, is it a whirring noise like a noisy fan? I ask because I’m getting a whirring noise from behind the glove compartment, particularly when it's cold. Initially, it was only when the engine was idling but now it's constant. My local dealership applied grease to the air box. That didn’t help, it’s even noisier!
  13. Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but try this
  14. Colin and revband - thanks for your comments on the fuel tank. Your experience mirrors mine and so it would seem that the low fuel warning light comes on when there is 15-18 litres left in the tank, which to me is excessive and certainly different from my previous Avensis. I have asked Toyota to provide a full explanation as to why there is such a variance between what is stated in the manual and actuality - I'll keep you posted. Colin - Warning light for the sensors. Again, I too have the same issue but there is a software update to cancel the warning light after a set period; my car is going in next week to get this installed. Mention it to your local dealer Seats - anybody have any issues with the front seats as mentioned at the beginning?
  15. Sorry to keep coming back on this but with my previous Avensis the low fuel warning light came on as per the manual, about 9 litres. I just don't understand why the current model has a reserve of 15 litres and the manual states 9 litres. I've asked Toyota to give a fuller explanation but I feel that I'm being lead down the garden path. I know that there are far more important things in life but if anybody has the latest model, can you please let me know how many litres you have left in the tank when the low fuel warning light comes on