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  1. 2007 2.0 D4D Fuel starvation

    Changed the fuel filter today, no sign of any dirt in it. I have added dipatane fuel additive to the tank. The only issue previously noted with it, is a cloud of smoke at startup, blueish/white in colour, but whilst driving none whatsoever, so thought maybe a leaking injector or a valve stem oil seal? On these is there an electronic lift pump, that say when the ignition is turned on, moves fuel from the tank to the filter unit?
  2. 2007 2.0 D4D Fuel starvation

    Hello, I have an avensis which is difficult to start. I let it heat, then turn the engine over and it goes to fire up, then all of a sudden it cuts out. This has to be repeated four or five times before it will eventually stay running, to me it seems like a fuel issue. Is there anything i should look at? Once running, if stopped, it can be started immediately, but if left stopped for a period of time, it is the same issue again.
  3. D4d Engine Issues

  4. D4d Engine Issues

    Hi, thanks for reply, is the 1ad the 2litre and the 2 ad the 2.2? is that correct about the avensis up to facelift not using the ad engine, i read this on another thread and it mentions the 1ad and 2ad from 2005 to february 2009 is the 1cd-ftv engine in the first d4d from 2000-2003 just to mention, the car im considering (2009) looking at is with a dealer,that sold the car new and traded back in one owner and 45000 miles, fsh "AD Engine Out of Warranty Guidelines (0730J) We are pleased to advise that we have received more formalised guidelines from TME for the handling of AD engine problems on out of warranty vehicles. The coverage and processes are summarised below. Conditions Covered 1) Oil consumption worse than 0.5 litre per 621 miles (1,000 km) 2) Overheating & Head Gasket failure due to carbon deposits on the pistons For all other out of warranty conditions related to AD engine problems, where the customer complaint can be directly linked to a “carbon clogging” concern, i.e. EGR Valve, DPNR, 5th Injector, EGR Cooler, blocked manifold, etc., we would accept this as being linked to an oil consumption condition. Vehicles Covered Those vehicles fitted with AD diesel engines; ��Avensis with 1AD or 2AD (Prod. Date: Apr 2005 to Feb 2009) ��RAV4 with 2AD (Prod. Date: Jul 2005 to Dec 2008) ��Auris with 1AD or 2AD (Prod. Date: Sep 2006 to Sep 2009) ��Verso with 2AD (Prod. Date: Apr 2005 to Nov 2008)
  5. D4d Engine Issues

    Hi, Just to ask is the issues noted in the diesel models only a small number of cars or a lot? I have read, or some of you replied to a question i asked, saying that from 2005 to February 2009 production had a higher likelihood of issues. What I'm trying to say here is I know of a few 2007 cars, no issue with them, so based on this is it generally safe to assume once a car has a full service history and maintained well that the likelihood of issues should be minimal? Are the 2007 d4d the identical same engine as that fitted to the new shape 2009?
  6. 09 2.0d4d Tr Review

    Thanks for the replies, i wonder how can i know if the car was built after February 2009?
  7. 09 2.0d4d Tr Review

    Hi, Whats the general opinion on these. MPG Reliability What to watch out for. Going to look at one with 75000miles. Thanks
  8. 2.0 Td 2C-Te Oil

    Hello all, just joined own a 00 avensis, 2.0 litre diesel,was wondering how much oil goes in the engine,cant seem to see any data on the web,or any manuals. Regards Blizzard95
  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums Blizzard95 :)