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  1. I've attached a picture of the car so you can identify which model it is. It's a 150BHP 2.2D-4D XTR. It's got 24000 or so on the clock. Had another chat with the service guy who assured me that it is standard Toyota policy on this type of fault to replace the pistons & rings. He said that the problem with the 2009 models etc., is a different issue. I also talked to Toyota UK customer care. They advised that I get my dealer to confirm 100% that they have talked to Toyota UK's technical department and got them to confirm the course of action. So I'll chase that one tomorrow. I guess I'll just have to check oil levels more often in future, and keep them up to the maximum mark, and not just between the min and max. I'm still concerned that other damage may have been done to other parts of the engine or the cat converter for example. I just assumed that a modern Toyota would be 100% reliable. Maybe not. Thanks Richard
  2. Thanks for the quick response guys. Yes it is with a Toyota dealer. I did have a look at the Charlie Farlie thread, but it was all a bit depressing :(, and I wasn't even sure if my engine was an AD! Sounds like I need to talk to Toyota - anyone got a contact? Thanks Richard p.s. The 24,000 miles that the car has done have virtually all been decent length A-road and motorway journeys not stop/start around town driving. And I don't thrash the engine at all. So I don't know what else I could have done to prevent this!
  3. I bought my 2011 Rav 4 diesel about a year ago, and have been really really pleased with it. It's now done 24000 miles. Recently however, the oil pressure warning light started to flash on for a second or two on longish motorway journeys. Obviously I checked that the oil level was right - between the two bumps on the dip stick - which it appeared to be. I took it in the dealer who have said that it is burning oil - they serviced it in June - and that the engine needed to be re-built (under warranty) with new pistons and/or piston rings. Does this sound right?? Might there be some damage to things like the catalytic converter as a result of the oil burning? Should I be insisting on more work being done? Has anyone else had this problem? As I say, I think the Rav is great, but one of the reasons I bought Toyota was their high reliability, so I'm slightly disappointed at the moment! Cheers Richard
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums principia :)