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  1. Cheers! I know what you're saying regarding the diesels and warm up times, this is also supported by the fact that the majority of hybrid cars are built with petrol engines too, warm up time is much quicker resulting in greater efficiency. The missus will take over it when the baby arrives and her most common journey is a 30 mile round trip to the town she's from to visit her parents, work and friends so not the shortest of trips on average, hopefully it won't be as bad as I came to think. 450-500 miles to the tank would be nice however I presume this will be closer to 400..... Side skirts see
  2. This is the one we've purchased albeit via transfer to Lincoln http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/321873665937?_mwBanner=1&ul_noapp=true seems a tidy honest car. Not our first choice in colour but it's much nicer in the metal, would have also like diamond cut wheels but common sense says stick to the painted ones for longevity, we collect Friday :)
  3. Thanks for your thoughts guys! After getting some prices back from the supplying dealer I'm not going to bother, Toyota really do have your pants down with parts prices that's for sure! I'm going to add some sill protectors as I've noticed a few scuffs on them where the previous owners have gotten in & out. After looking further into the real world fuel consumption I'm a bit disappointed, I could have lived with the published figures however the real world mpg is terrible, I'm trading my 530D M Sport in to get the missus the RAV4 for when our first child arrives, the 530 is a 258bhp 6 cyl
  4. Cheers! Retail was around £950 fitted iirc from the brochure when ordering a new car so hoping I can secure it for less. Managed to locate some second hand side steps and just awaiting for a message back to see whether they can be posted or not, will speak to the insurance regarding retrofit upgrades but imagine that it won't change it by any significant amount with the parts being OEM. Pick the car up back end of the week so plenty of time :)
  5. Hi all, I've just bought the missus a fully loaded RAV4 invincible Auto, we would have liked one with the style pack but couldn't come across one that was within our budget that had the desired mileage and additional spec.... Has anyone fitted this style pack post purchase that would be familiar with the cost of the parts? I'm quite happy to fit the bits myself and it's mainly the side steps and front/rear bumper under runs/trims were after. Thanks in advance for any pointers.....
  6. Hi all, I've been browsing the pages for some time now and was curious as to whether someone could help me out.... I own a 2004 Avensis D-4D T-Spirit, shortly after I bought it the hydraulic clutch pipe split due to corrosion where it enters the slave cylinder flexi. Being quite handy with cars I set away in replacing the Steel pipe with cunifer, due to the torturous route the pipe takes through the engine bay I had no other option than to make the pipe in two pieces, the joint being below the heater matrix pipes. The joint was a pain in tge ***** to seal but it finally nipped up and withstood
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums jiw82 :)

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