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  1. Thanks for the reply and link to seems Toyota are not very flexible with the insurance at all...just to say notify my insurance company of the change of wheels/tyres as they put it... ..costs no extra premium at all...this is with LV=.... they also have a further adddition for them My insurance fully comp with over 20 years NCD with £200 excess is £177.42 for the year...without any bells and cover/breakdown/courtesy car etc etc
  2. I believe you have put this argument against 15 inch wheels before,personally i cannot believe any Ins company would refuse cover for this change..unless they were silly OTT 19/20 inch alloys???..Maybe the member would come on here and be kind enough to inform everyone WHY it was refused that would be very informative...but people should consult their insurance company if they have doubts...The original spec of the Prius is either 15" wheels with 195/65/15 tyres or 17" wheels with 215/45/17 tyres, the radius/circumference of the wheel + tyre is virtually the if i had changed from 15" to 17" fitted with costly tyres that would be another story....Why do they fit tyres with a speed rating of 168mph on a vehicle not capable of a 110mph,the lower the profile the worse the ride and the more chance of doing damage if a pothole is hit,just remember that thin piece of rubber is all there is between you and the road..the wider the tyre the lower the braking performance is and the worse they are in snow...i speak from personal on top of this they are more than double the cost x 4 of a standard one...This is just my own personal opinion and i think we should return to the original post Replying to Poor Yaris Hybrid Mpg? as we are way off topic,i only added the links because i was asked to,what others do is their own choice ...Horses for Courses... :chinese:
  3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That is exactly as i do ..the only time i put the Prius in power mode is when using the motorway as it really helps when overtaking or a burst of speed is needed... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Me too...after owning lots of cars over the years including executive/4x4s/sports cars etc i find my Prius very nice/rewarding to drive...if i go into the nearby towns/city and the traffic is heavy prob...i just plod along,no clutch in clutch out...let the auto do its job,whisper quiet commuting...when the new model comes out i will definately be taking a look with the view to buying another........happy motoring
  4. Hi,no the offset is correct for the car they are ordered for..i will put two links in below and you can put the vehicle they are required for in the "wheel and tyre finder" bar at the top....I was very happy with the service and products i received...they came by courier delivered to my door,each one balanced,well packaged individually,complete with spacers and wheel nuts..i bought the 15 Inch MSW (by OZ) 19 Silver Alloy Wheels fitted with Continental eco contact 5 tyres (which i requested)..the only other item i bought was a set of locking wheel nuts with tapered ends..the ones supplied by Toyota have flat ends and are not suitable.So far i have been very pleased with the ones i bought about 18 months ago
  5. I am amazed at the amount of people running with the tyres at too high a pressure trying to eke a minimal amount of fuel saving..the first thing i did after buying my 2011 T-Spirit Prius was to change the large 17 inch wheels and Michelin Premacy 215/45 series profile tyres..( which really belong on a sports car)..for a set of new 15 inch alloys fitted with Continental 195/65 series tyre for a better..and lot quieter... ride,i run these at 36psi front,33 recommended... and the fuel consumption is so far is 78 mpg over a 40 mile run,75.5 is achieved quite often previous cars 5-Series BMW/Mercedes E-Class had large alloys and tyres fitted also and i never ran them with more than 30 PSI all round..the tyres always wore even...i think many fail to realise that too much pressure will not only give an uncomfortable/hard and bouncy ride the centres will also wear out prematurely from being over inflated...take a look in a car park at the "hot hatches" with the middles worn... The way to good fuel consumption in an it Hybrid or not.. rests entirely in the right foot,just to add my new set of wheels/tyres fitted/balanced/delivered to the door off the "net" cost a lot less than a set of Michelin Premacy low profile tyres would have,..why does a car with a top speed of around 110 mph need tyres that are speed rated at 168mph??? ,it doesn't but Toyota charge you for them anyway when buying..
  6. , A few years ago i was running a Mercedes 220 cdi E-Class elegance with an auto box,the fuel consumption was excellent for a large car with an auto box too..the best i ever achieved ..more than once ...was 56 mpg,it would happily do 45-50 just using locally...but that was taken on seperate trips..over 12 months average i very much doubt it would be any where near the lower figure..maybe in the mid to high 30s,which is still very good for a large motor....just to add a month ago i had to go to Keadby, which is just over 40 miles from Prius averaged 78.5 mpg going there..i had to look more than once to believe it myself..must be downhill most of the way :D :D :D
  7. Have to say,what an interesting and informative thread this is..BEV,fuel cell,hydrogen etc..but..i will stick to my Prius for the time being,my max fuel economy of 75mpg and 60+ just running about locally is ok by me....if any excitement is needed . i shall go out on my motorcycle...when the sun comes out..of course...
  8. Couldn't agree more..why they want to fit 17" wheels and low profile tyres with a speed rating of around 168 mph,...which also give an inferior ride quality... on a Prius is beyond me,plus, to replace one of the tyres would be very expensive because of the speed rating..would rather see the cost of these spent on a better quality interior....
  9. I also have had 75 MPG out of my Gen3 Prius..both on a run to the coast,and to the next town which is 7 miles away,more than once..I also fitted smaller 15 inch alloy wheels and 195/15/65 series profile tyres (Continentals..for a better ride quality)..and i can still get 75MPG..the secret to good fuel consumption lie's entirely in the right foot...
  10. Actually, been looking at trikes myself.. ..wanting a full body one with the rear enclosed and boot,there was a V-Max on e-bay now in Bike Trader for sale at Newark looked very nice but had a large bench seat fitted...would like a gl1500 with EML/Lehman/Baron etc conversion fitted if poss' but they are like "hens teeth" and the ones that do come up are always way too expensive..have seen others with full body conversions fitted but sadly they are the same, very overpriced.....Still riding the Goldwing tho'..was out yesterday...usually to Skeggy/Brid/Scarborough etc ...where pic was taken.. and back but it is a big heavy bike...although the weight disappears when wheels rolling....have even thought of having a conversion done myself at Panther Trikes/Cleckheaton..probably work out a lot cheaper....Your trike looks very very it a full body conversion??...regards..paul
  11. New tyres on cars do not really need running in,the only tyres that DO need running in are those fitted to motorcycles as they are coated with a compound that is very slippery till run off..if the front need balancing the steering wheel will have a lot of vibration,if the rear need balancing you would feel it through the floor,to be honest i think the clue to the bumpy ride is because it is a SPORTS model..probably has large alloys with low profile tyres fitted,these will not give a very good ride..but will look good...and maybe because it is a Sports model the suspension may be lowered or stiffened up slightly ( as they usually are on Sports models) which will also affect the ride quality..personally i would never buy anything with Sports/..GT/..Avantguarde etc attached to the name because of the reasons given above
  12. I had a few bikes in the 60/70's,but stopped biking when i married and had family/work commitments,long hours left me no time to continue..started biking again when i retired at 60 five years ago and had more time..bought a Honda VT600,then a VT750,Goldwing GL1200,and my present one over 2 years ago a Goldwing GL1500 with the six cylinder engine
  13. I had a Mercedes E220cdi Elegance auto for 7 years from nearly new..i could easily get 56 MPG on a run and over 40MPG running about locally , £220 per year road did sound a bit like a farm tractor,diesel engines are very noisy by design and in cold weather are less economical than a petrol..till they warm up......i sold this after a couple of years when i retired and bought a Civic Hybrid,very quiet,50+ MPG locally,61MPG on a run and £10 a year RT..was very impressed..sold this and bought my Gen 3 Prius T-Spirit (2011) last year ...over the past 1,000 miles has averaged 61 MPG ..and it is used just for short trips and local runs 1-2 miles mainly,.75.5 MPG is the best it has achieved both on a run and to Worksop which is just 7 miles away from me, and more than once i may add..whisper quiet,£0 RT, and i do enjoy driving it.even more impressed...would i buy another diesel..not likely.,will i buy another Hybrid.. definately.....just to add, i also changed the 17inch alloys and low profile tyres for a set of new 15 inch alloys fitted with Continental premium contact 5 tyres 195/65/15 (PSI.. 36/F35/R)... when i bought the car it did have a few niggling rattles from the dash and the drivers door..these have now gone,the smaller wheels and tyres ..although they are the same diameter overall...and are a far better ride,and quieter..less road noise .........
  14. Yes,the wheels in the link are those i purchased as a package complete with Continental tyres...the only thing i bought was a new set of tapered alloy wheel /locking nuts,the Toyota ones have a flat surface,in all honesty before i bought the T-Spirit i searched for one fitted with a solar roof because they are fitted with 15" alloy wheels....when new you have a choice 17" alloys,or a solar roof and 15" ..this is a no cost option...i understand people wanting to fit large alloys for aesthetic purposes as they do look very good...unfortunately, they are also very expensive and the tyres probably twice as much (because of the speed rating)as a smaller one ....the only other thing i have fitted to the Prius are ....body side mouldings ....hopefully to prevent dents from other doors etc......
  15. Thanks all for replies..the first thing the police would do in the event of an accident is check the tyres to see if they are legal..they are,secondly the tyre pressures ..they are kept correct and checked often,i am within Toyota guidelines of 15" or17" wheels/tyres for the 3rd gen Prius..i checked thoroughly before i fitted them,just to add 15"inch wheels/tyres are fitted as standard to the T-Spirit when a solar roof is taken as an option instead of the 17" ones,so please explain this.the reason the T-Spirit is fitted with 17" alloy's is because its a higher spec car and you are charged a premium for the larger alloys...not because it goes any faster...the 45 to 65 profile is NOT a major factor ,low profile tyres are generally fitted to high performance cars or boy racer hatchbacks so they can(think) go round corners faster..the Prius is a fuel conscious motor NOT a sports car...are you saying all 65 profile tyres are dangerous? of course for the speed rating..what does this have to do with it,as i have already said the larger wheels do not mean the car will go any faster!!...HR speed rating is up to 130 MPH... WR up to 168 MPH..what is the maximum speed of the Prius what is your point about speed ratings??...a claim would involve the original wheels tyres (17") being replaced, as i already said...i always check my policies and i can assure you the main thing they are interested in is performance modifications,all i have done is fit 15" wheels for a better ride....i shall agree to dis-agree as we will never see eye to eye on this...