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  1. Really strange, driving today the pedal seemed fine until around 20 minutes into the drive. Driving home from work, again fine until almost reaching home.
  2. I've only had the car about a year and a half, will go though the service manual to see if/when it was done. I intend to have it in the garage this weekend, if it is the brake fluid, but what is best one to use?
  3. Very recently my brake pedal feels as though I'm pressing it a little more deeper although there is no issues with brake performance. I've checked all of the brake pads and all have plenty left. The Brake Fluid Reservoir is also near full. Anyone know what might be causing this or experienced the same? tia.
  4. just had a specialist round, who said i need a new condenser. doesn anyone know how much it cost from Toyota or should i just go with Eurocarparts/GSF?
  5. I need some advice on my air-con. my aircon was blowing warm air so i took it kwik-fit to regas. when i got into my car it was as cold as a fridge and lasted like this for approx 9 days. I returned to kwik-fit who said they would hook it up to the machine to see whats up, they said they only recovered a third of the gas and it must have a leak somewhere, they've regassed it and gave me a refund. Additional info: When i turn my AC on, the light is on constantly and the system does blow some cold air but not like it was after leaving kwik-fit. No grinding noises can be heard from within or outsi
  6. had my T-sport a month now, i kinda jumped to buy it without checking the fuel consumption and was worried that the fuel would kill my bank balance having moved up from a 1.25 Fiesta. (cheaper to insure than the fiesta too - i cant figure that out 75bhp v 190bhp) first 1/4 gave me 107 miles, by the time i hit 3/4 i was on 260 miles, very impressed i might say, especially as i live in London i expected the worst in fuel consumption.
  7. samosa

    Rattle Noise

    mechanic had a look at it when he done my brakes. he said the heatshield which run round the back of the engine was loose. he tightened it and i've not heard back from that noise.
  8. I'm abit concerned as mine on a cold start with autochoke is not far off 2kRPM, once warm it's below 1K. what should cold start run at?
  9. hi, does anyone one know what the box below the battery with the writing "do not open" is? i was under the bonnet this afternoon and i notice a pipe going into this was loose, i've put it back in, but it doesnt look very secure.
  10. samosa

    Rattle Noise

    in addition to this, i've uploaded video to youtube of the sound (video is black), it's not as loud when actually driving and this noise cannot really be heard as loud when outside the car, i had my friend standing outside the car and he couldn't really hear it. in the video, rev's i didnt take revs above 2.5k.
  11. after a week of owning my t-sport, (loving every second of it) i've noticed a rattling noise. The noise can easily be heard in the car or if I've got the car door open i can hear it come from underneath towards the front of the car, it can also be heard when cruisin at around 2000 rpm the noise is constant or if i'm stationary and I've got foot on until it hits 2krpm, I can also hear the noise at gear change. there is no noise on idle or if i floor the accelerator of light and go through gear change. I suspect either Cat/Exhaust or heatshield is loose but i have very little mechanical knowledg
  12. samosa

    5Th Gear

    hi, I got an Auris and it has an indicator which tells you when to shift gears, it tells me to shift to 5th when doing a touch over 30mph. I've applied this to my t-sport but am not quiet sure if this is correct when do you guys shift up to fifth gear?
  13. 2003, (9 years old) coming up to 90,000 miles. when should coolant be changed?
  14. i want to put my car through a service and want to get my brakes done at the same time. I was looking around for garages and thinking of getting a Major Service + brakes done by Halfords autocenter. http://www.halfordsa...ce Schedule.pdf does anyone have a recommendation of another garage to use, not entirely fussed about service stamps? what are the benefits of using aftermarket brakes over genuine toyota? does anyone know prices of brakes from toyota (front/rear pads + discs) i chose Halfords as their Major service includes coolant and brake fluid change and is alot cheaper than the dealers
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