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  1. Thankyou so much Konrad, best regards .
  2. Ok , So i have looked on YOUTUBE, seen the vid on how to change oil on a Toyota Avensis 1.8 petrol,2012 reg . Before i crawl underneath, can i ask , is there any problems with the clip on the oil filter, and do i need to do it up tight BY HAND , or should i use the tool to pinch it up . Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello all , as my 2012 1.8 manual gear stick top plastic has worn a bit ,removing the numbers , can i get it off easily ? THANKYOU
  4. Thankyou for your replies, yes it was for both front and rear.. i am too old to get on the floor anymore, so i have got to trust that the garage knows about getting the pads even .. should i mention to them what you have said or is it too cheeky ?
  5. Hi everyone can i just ask advice please .. just been quoted £382 for brake discs and pads change on t27 1.8 avensis 2012 . at independant garage , went to mr T who wants £520. Whats the opinion please... Thanks
  6. just go back to the dealer and drive the car into the nearest multi/storey car park .with the mechanic .. mine switch on as soon as you hit the dimmer lighting inside..simple.
  7. I had the same problem and silicone spray worked for me too
  8. Hi everyone, just had one of my wheel centres fall out , has anyone got one for sale, perhaps, if they have fitted different wheels …. thanks
  9. Hi everyone whats the general opinion on non main dealer servicing? Just coming to the end of a 7yrs of service by Mr T, and as the car is now not worth much , in relative terms, if it might be worth considering … thanks .
  10. Hello all. can anyone recommend a pair of front seat covers that would be ok for a 2012 avensis tourer please..... Thanks
  11. My 2012 1,8 petrol tourer is in for new tyres next week ,before the M.O.T., and I wondered if a softer tyre would help the rather firm [bumpy ] ride .or should I stick to the original Goodyear, The roads around west Dorset are not good THANKS
  12. Hi everyone, just had a call from the main dealer that my M.O.T. and 6 year service is due .. at an eye popping £395 . What the hell costs that much .. 25000 miles one owner car .full service history, Trouble is I still have one more year on the extended warrantee. do I have a choice?
  13. Thanks Alan. I had a look and it seems that the lug has snapped off that holds the top of the damper .. not an easy fix .so I will live without....
  14. Hi everyone. can anybody help with the problem of the glove compartment front has suddenly decided to drop down a lot more than normal. and it catches on something when going back up. It shuts ok but there is a plastic tube loose on the left hand side ,visible when open. My car is 2012 t27 avensis tourer bought new ,and not mistreated ...THANKS .
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