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  1. What could be causing too much fuel consumption.? The engine is a 1.3 toyota , without any fuel leak, good compression 135 to 150 psi on four chambers. Consumes a approximately a litter of gas per kilometer run. The engine runs normally, with clean air filter, new spark plugs, new high tention wires. But with LPG it runs about 5 to six kilometers a litter. Thanks
  2. Riding a bicycle at night can be pretty dangerous, especially if there isn’t a dedicated bike lane. When driving home from work at night on the road, sometimes there will be bike suddenly ranning out startled me, the bike should install a taillight, otherwise it is easy to have an accident, yesterday, I happen to found a guy ride with laser, a bike fitted a beautiful taillight with lasers, so,i search “laser bike tail light” and found this stuff, if bike fitted taillights, the street will be safer.
  3. how much is your fuel consumption per month
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums tiffannny :)