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  1. Thanks AurisTr01 most helpful. Parts King, I thought the garage I took it too were professionals. I did get a refund as they haven't a clue but still no brakes, so much for avoiding huge bills, hence now I'll do it myself. Thanks for your input.
  2. Thanks mad midge, will do. Any ideas about handbrake too please? regards, Christoff
  3. I replaced the left rear brake caliper yesterday along with pads. I also replaced the pads on the right wheel too, Good move I hear you cry, lol. Having bled the brakes all was well, except that the handbrake hasn't readjusted and then, after approx 2 miles I lost all brake pressure. Yes there is fluid in the system and the bleed nipples etc were all re-tightened. and there are no visible leaks. Firstly, I was led to believe that the handbrake is self adjusting, is this true? And secondly, have I missed something with regards to bleeding etc? Here's hoping someone can help, Please? Best regards, Christoff.
  4. I'm a Toyota owner,of 4 years but only just found this site. best regards, Christoff67
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums Christoff67 :)