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  1. Ok everyone I wonder if you can possibly help me; a friend of mine has a 1995 Toyota Landcruiser Amazon (uk) its the one with the split tail gate similar to the Range Rovers and recently the door hand broke. When ive looked at it it is held on by 2 metal pins/bars and the plastic handle pushes on to these pins. Ive tried Toyota and surprise surprise they no longer stock them, ive tried my local scrapyards and they cant help as they only have the short wheel base Collorado models and there completely different. Ive looked online at part suppliers and they cant help, so I thought id ask the Toyota community....
  2. Hi guys the wifes Rav4 " Y reg 2001 2lt NRG 4x4 petrol" has just failed its MOT the Lamda sensor reading was 1.75 instead of 0.3 so I need to replace the sensor. Firstly which sensor do I replace and where is it? And if I get one off ebay how much should I be looking at paying and once replaced will the engine management light simply go out or does it need resetting?
  3. Hi guys just wanted your advice as to where I should buy the parts from for the fault codes P1135 and P1155? I have several choices I have a local parts supplier I trust, I can try the internet but id like members advice of who they've used or I can bite the bullet and go to my local Toyota dealer. All help and advice welcome...
  4. Im not sure im going to look for the heater matrix and check...before i bought the car the head gasket had recently been done so theres a posibility i believe for an air lock or blocked heater matrix.
  5. I look on the forums every so often when I need advice or help and often search previous posts however ive found recently that the heater is blowing hot on the passenger side through all the vents and different settings, BUT on the drivers side it only blows warm (the difference is really noticeable)??? Ive stripped down the settings, ive stripped down the mechanism, and all appears to be working fine. I just don't get why only one side is hot and the other warm, any advice would be gratefully received, the model is a 2001 2lt petrol 4x4 NRG vvti.
  6. Hi Steve No the passenger side is warm and i ve tried it in all the positions on the selector and its always cold.
  7. Ok so im now getting to drive the Rav4 NRG 51plate occationally...out in it last night temp showing -4 so obviously had the heatters on full when i became awhere that i was getting a cold draft from somewhere in the cabin. When i traced it its coming from the drivers side window vent ALL other vents are blowing hot as they should do. Im sure its a pipe or something similar thats come adrift from the heatter matrix on the drivers side but not sure where to start or what to look for. Ive never had to look at the ventilation on any of my other cars.
  8. scraprat


    Well im new to Toyota so il be having a good nosey around the forum and getting to learn more about the Rav4 ive inherited, im fairly ok with the spanners ect so im game for tackling most things.. So to my first post...when my partner starts the cars up in a morning weather frosty or not the revs seam to hover around the 2000-2200rpm and it takes awhile for them to settle down to the norm of around 850rpm(around 5-10mins driving) is this normal for a 51plate (2002) petrol 2lt? Also when she reverses there is a squel on the steerring im assuming itl be the power steerring belt just not sure why it only does it on reverse? If anyone has any advice on the above or any advice in general for a novice Rav4 owner id be happy to here it so i can keep it running so she can enjoy it.
  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums scraprat :)