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  1. Hi, i posted a while ago about the issue im having on my rav4 j automatic 1996. I had a check engine light and took it straight to the garage and they said i have a bank 1 and 2 o2 sensor issue. We replaced both of the sensors and the engine light will not go out and due to the age of the car my mechanic says he is unable to reset the engine light. Can someone please tell me what else cold b causing this issue and if there is any way it can be reset as im 6 mnths pregnant and very ill and finding it difficult to walk, therefre really cant be without my beloved rav any longer. Also could someone please tell me where the EGR valve is located as someone mentioned that this may be causing an issue too. Thanks so much for your help, you have no idea how much I appriciate any help or advice you can give me. Gerrie (very stressed and upset rav4 owner)
  2. Hello, can someone please please settle this as i have spoken to various garages and even toyota yet no one can confirm exactly how many o2 sensors my car has. its 1996 automatic j version (jap import). I still have a engine management light issue and two (the top and lower) sensors have been changed yet it s still saying there is a fault. Due to the age of the car it has to be a two wire diagnostic machine therfore can not be reset to my garages knowledge. Any advice or help would be appreciated massivley. Thank you
  3. Thanks Mystic I had thought of this too, and have told him that it will need a manual reset to clear all codes, fingers crossed this does the trick as im desperate to have my car back in this weather. G
  4. Yeah my mechanic has the codes (i dont have them off hand) Would MAF sensor show bank 1 and 2 sensor issues? thanks
  5. Hi, I have a 96 (n reg) rav4 3dr auto j version and i my check engine light is amber. The fault code showed that my bank 1 and 2 O2 sensors needed replacing and i have had my mechanic do this yet the CEL is still showing. Both me and my machanic are totally at a loss as to what this could be and quite honestly im ready to cry. The car has been off the road and unmaintained due to it actually being an inheritance that had to go through a lengthy probate process. Can some one please help me as im in constant limp mode and i really dont know what else it could be. Thanks in advance G xx
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums gerrie :)

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      thank you ...i just hope some one can help as im at my wits end :'( xx