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  1. I had just written a very long reply but my giant fingers got in the way and clicked a few buttons and ruined it all. I was having the perfect rant. 🙂 I own two cars, Honda Jazz 2005 and prius Gen 2 2007.They are both on the target list for these thieves. couple of things, my car is now in a garage having an aftermarket cat conv fitted. Its setting back £350. Plus the hassle is thrown in for free. Also the sheet that Konrad has posted was for a Gen 3. Also the mechanic just rang. My car is ready, he is charging 350. The O2 sensor is OEM (i think denso are the suppliers or Bosch, cant remember). I have also asked his permission to post in this group the address and name. Not sure if i can but i leave it with them. This guy seems good. And has a decent workshop. Its not one of those under the railway line arches one. I will post the address towards the end of this post. Ok couple of things I wanna get of my chest. My whole family has hybrids. It was heartbreaking to have it happened to my brother but since we live in a leafy little village in the heart of surrey, i thought hmmm its okay it wont happen to us. BUT when i thought that i didnt know the reputation of the Leatherhead Leisure Centre. The manager there looked dodgy (didnt look like the manager - attire was well out of place without going into too much detail 🙂 ). I spoke to the caretaker who started the conversation when my car was being recovered. He said one day last week 9 were stolen. And many more before that. The guy who recovered me said he recovers 5 vehicles on average a week. These stats are ridiculous and represent the reality on the ground. The caretaker was kind enough to look into CCTV for me and confirmed that he has the culprits on 3 different cameras. I have reported this to the police but I am not expecting anything to happen. A theft is a theft but in this country, even if the police catch the culprits, they ll probably get away with cleaning the leaves off the side of the road for a couple of hours. LEGAL SYSTEM IS A JOKE or even worse get a suspended sentence. THis is not a deterrent but only an enabler because every evil starts small and if there is no punishment for little crimes, bigger ones will continue to flourish. I have been told someone from the police will be in touch int he next 72 hours. Lets see what comes out of that. Generally speaking my faith in kindness of strangers is only hanging by a thread because of the nice people here. one thing is for sure, what goes around comes around, in this world and the hereafter. This is my positive take away from this experience. I knew owning this car could mean something like this one day but to have it happen to my wife all alone and vulnerable out in the bitter cold shows what these heartless worthless theives are doing. its not about the money, its about the safety of vulnerable ppl. Imagine if she came out of the leisure centre and the gang was there in the middle of cutting the thing out, they could have hurt her. This is my point around allowing small evil to flourish. It can only lead to bigger problems in society. Sorry RANT OVER. Gonna go and get my car. Regards, Waqar p.s: thanks Konrad for supporting me through this. will keep you posted. Also just realised that in my posted that got deleted, it had mentioned the mechanics details. please find these below. RB Car Care and MOT Testing Station Car repair and maintenance in London, England Address: Unit 5, Jubilee Centre, Lombard Rd, London SW19 3TZ Phone: 020 8417 1122 Appointments: rbcarcare.co.uk
  2. Thanks Mate. Appreciate the quick response.
  3. Good morning All, Its been a long time since I have been here. I used to be an avensis owner but then switched over to a prius after my car got totalled by a sleepy driver a few years ago. But back in here to make a point and possibly revive an old post. I am good friends with @Konrad C. He is a regular here and I used to be as well until my life was taken over by family, work, work and some more work. :). A long time ago, a sticky was made of a post someone had written. It was called the spirit of TOC. This was done to thank people who helped members out when things were not going well with their cars or a tricky service item required some help. Over the years Konrad has been helping me out in servicing and fixing my cars regularly. I would like to revive this post to thank him and remind others of the kindness he has shown me. Notably, he recently helped me out with a noisy wheel bearing, prius' rear suspension spring and a very rotten exhaust. The wheel bearing assembly was a doddle to take off but the bearing an absolute pig to take out of the assembly. It required the following. A lot of confidence, preparation to go at it with the right tools namely, a couple of hammers, including a sledge hammer, a cast iron ingot and sheer will to get he job done. All of this came from Konrad, not me. He has been a trusted "go to" for advice and resolution. I would like to take this post to thank him for his efforts and the confidence he has instilled in me that no car trouble is one that cannot be solved. I will write a detailed how to with some pictures of how we did it. But for now I do not want the task of writing another post to cause delay to thanking Konrad as it has already been a long time. So admins, if possible please revive the post and make it sticky so that others can share their gratitude. Regards, Waqar
  4. Let us know how you get on Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  5. That's awesome information. Thanks mate. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  6. Can you lift the bonnet up and try and narrow it down? Regards Waqar Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  7. Prius here. Gotta remember to press brake pedal Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  8. You can also take out a switch from under the rear seats left hand side where the fuel tank is located. At least that's what I did. From what I recall when I was watching a video on it, the relay is located on the left hand by the passenger legs under the dash board. I might be wrong but that's what I remember from a video. Regards, Waqar Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  9. Hello All and Konrad, Sorry it took so long to write back. Konrad helped me change oil on my car. It was one of the easiest things we have done. As usual he was a star. I have to say that coming from a business background, it is very discouraging to have the negative attitude from kwikfit. Just means that they are missing out on a rapidly growing already very large market sector. I mean hybrids are becoming quite mainstream now. Anyways its their loss. I only use them for tyres. i like to carry out the service myself or with some help from my mate Konrad. Anyways, aside from this kwikfit nonsense. Here is the thing. There is a lot of information available about toyota prius now. American market is full of them. Prius chat is very useful. There is several videos on YouTube with play lists on how to service your car. It is very easy. I found that almost everything I saw, I could do it. Its pretty much DIY. I am only talking about service here. So far I have renewed oil filter, air filter, wipers, tyres. Next is transmission fluid, its slightly difficult for me with my giant paws but i think it ll work. After that or along with that I am thinking spark plugs. These are slightly tricky as well. The engine is mounted at an angle sending spark plugs backwards overshadowed by the covering under front wipers. I think Konrad said that only half the covering needs to come off. That should be ok. My car came with full service history but I still dont trust the stealer ships and I dont know what they serviced and what not so I am going to renew anyways. I ll keep you guys posted. best regards everyone, Thanks again Konrad, Waqar
  10. BTW. What could the whine from left of the inverter be? is it normal?
  11. Yup I concur. Sure enough it sounds like it. I popped the hood this morning when it was on electric. Whine is coming from left side of the inverter unit but the noise that I feel and hear inside seems to be coming from the abyss that is behind the front passenger headlight. It leads me to think that the inverter coolant pump is on its way out. I am assuming this is a service item right? as my car has done 100000. I know coz i took a picture of it the other day :). sorry I am a bit sad like that. I know the videos are there on youtube and I have seen some already but has anyone here done anything like this and are there any pitfalls that I can avoid? Many Thanks chaps. Thanks Konrad always very helpful. Regards, Waqar
  12. Hi All, Sorry to bother. I have a gen2 prius 2007 1.5 vvti. Few days ago it was where cold here in surrey. I parked the car at 8.30 in the morning and picked it up at 2.00pm. I noticed immediately that there is a constant whine coming from the front of the car. Its not a buzz not vibrating nothing like that just a plane old whine. Its only there while the car is in parking and i think it disappeared once the car had warmed up. It sounded like a whine that comes from really high voltage cables or transformers. I am wondering is it the cold or could something else be at play. the car has covered 100009 miles. I am hoping for no bad news please but tell it like it is. Many Thanks, Waqar
  13. Blowtorch heat application. has happened to me as well.
  14. Are you sure its a misfire? Could it be a weak battery or a weak starter motor? did you get to the bottom of this?
  15. I would first check to see if fuel filter needs replacing. Whats the mileage on your car.
  16. One thing i forgot to mention that always start diagnosis with cheap and easy to check things. For example, I would start with pcv valve as its quite cheap and easy to diagnose. When you take it off, I think (I hope I am right but you can find ways to check it online as well) if it rattles then its good otherwise the ball is stuck (i think i am right but not sure, anyways google it). If the valve is stuck open then the oil vapour that enters back into air intake may also cause temporary blue smoke. its unlikely though but can happen depending on if there is enough vapour. Good luck. regards, waqar
  17. Sorry to be potentially the bearer of bad news. The blue smoke points to oil being burnt hence the blue hint in smoke. i THINK that your turbo is leaking. Its not egr. EGR issues are more frequent than intermittent and these wont give blue smoke as far as I know. anyways dont mean to scare you but thats my tuppence. Regards, waqar
  18. remember never to pull the drive shaft out while trying to separate carrier from it as you might accidentally pull it out of the gearbox.
  19. Hi All, I meant to write this earlier, so my sincerest apologies to Konrad C for writing this so late. I was away. If i remember correctly there was a post a while back which I started and it got pinned (it was titled "spirit of TOC") for people to say a few words of thank you to people who helped out in a time of need and quite often at their own cost. I cant find it, but if i did i would to resurrect it. I have to say that Konrad has been amazing. I have become friends with him due to this forum and he has helped me out on many many occasions. He has done this mostly at his own cost so - hats off to you Konrad and many thanks. Now let me explain how this all transpired. When i bought the car about 4/5 months ago, there was a slight rubbing sound from front left wheel. It would pulsate for around 20 mph but would buzz out afterwards. One day this noise got replaced by a constant drone at around 45mph+. I was quite worried but i decided to be patient and see how it pans out. Then I noticed that this noise is only there when my steering is bang in the middle or slightly to the right. I did some research and went on youtube where people described their experiences and tried to describe the noise but tbh you cant really hear it in those videos. At least i can't. Having said that I did notice that it completely immediately disappeared when turning left. This made my wonder why and of course then i realised that when my steering is slightly to the right, its loading the left wheel which is why its got a constant drone. I explained my predicament to Konrad who has previous experiences of several wheel bearing changes as well as recognising the noise. He and I both came to the conclusion that this could be it. i ordered the part and then upon arrival we got to work. This is where it gets interesting. We dismantled it all okay. Firstly while car was parked we undid the wheel nuts and axle nut (this was really tricky because of how much power it took to undo this.) This nut has to be dealt with care as most garages would pinch the axle nut once tightened. Gotta take care there. then we took the wheel off. Then came two bolts holding the caliper to the carrier. A bit of advice here since its a hybrid car. These come with brake actuators which have triggers such as waiting two minutes after unlocking the car (i heard but I believe its actually 2mins after locking it. hey ho), opening the driver door. Essentially what it does is, it fires the actuator which pushes the piston. So best of have battery off. The problem here is that if the actuator fires after you have taken caliper with brake pads off, the piston is going to travel until the pads meet each other. This may trigger several error codes relating to low brake oil pressure in piston (pointing to a leak) and you cannot simply push these back as it may damage the actuator and other one way valves. anyways i digress. Please ensure either your batter is off or you stick a bit of 2 x 4 timber between the pads so that when actuator fires or someone presses the pedal by mistake, piston does not push all thew way. Now take the disc off. Then remove the 2 bolts holding the suspension to the carrier. Then remove drive shaft bolt freeing the carrier from drive shaft and then do the same for steering rack tie rod. Tie rod is done with a carter pin and a crown nut. This will now free the carrier. Now you are left with carrier with 4 bolts with nuts going through the hub and into the carrier. Turn the carrier over and undo the nuts and bolts. Now if you are lucky, your carrier would separate from the hub. More often than not, it wont. You would either need a 10 or 20 tonne press or a blow torch to expand this. We started work on thursday evening thinking its an easy job, but Konrad had to take it away where he used his 10 tonne press, no budge, then his mates 20 tonne press, no budging still until when they used a blow torch to heat it up and then whack it with a cold steel chisel to separate the two. Reassembly was easy. Once again I would like to say thank you to Konrad and for all his sacrifice and time spent for no gain of his own. Hats off to you sir. Best Regards, Waqar
  20. sorry it has taken an eternity to reply to this. Yes replacing the bushes did cure this problem. Regards, Waqra
  21. well done mate. Good Job. Great job on posting these pics. Regards, Waqar
  22. 1. Check batter. 2. Check camshaft/crankshaft sensor 3. MAF Sensor disconnect would cause it to die but in my opinion and experience, it should start after a few attempts but would run on default air volume and fuel trim. 4. Disconnect camshaft position sensor and see if it makes the running a bit better (only for a little while) Regards, Waqar