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  1. i'm currently looking at buying my first car (i'm 22 with no NCP) i've been looking at the usual punto's polo's etc however for german i need to spend a lot of money to get a car with decent mileage and insurance is high, with the punto they are cheap all round, but they are italian, i decided to get a quote on a yaris, and the insurance is looking very good. i have around £1500 to spend on a car, with the yaris is there anything i need to be looking out for? are there any known faults? when are the major service due? what good and bad experiences have people had with the yaris?? =]
  2. Hi everybody, i'm currently learning to drive and one of the cars that has caught my attention is the yaris so i thought i would pop on here and see what you guys and girls think =]
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums norcoforever :)