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  1. thanks for your help guys, went to see the 2009 on sunday and liked the car, deposit placed and just waiting for a few things to be done. Sad to see or old prius go to the hybrid motorway in the sky, went before its time.
  2. thanks for the advice cootuk, I wasn't aware of LRR tyres but will certainly check and thanks for the advice on the air-con too
  3. The three cars I am looking at are all t-spirits, thats the model we had and want to replace with and the three cars in my post are all from local toyota dealers, i just wanted peoples opion on which one they would suggest and also things to look out for when inspecting the cars
  4. Hi folks, I'm on here to ask some general advice, today we got the news that our dependable 06 t-spirit would be written off by the insurance company following some berk pulling out into the path of my wife on sunday. the car was very low millage only just over 50,000 and we had had it from new. Unfortunately the insurance will not cover a new car so we are having to look at the used prius market, I have seen three from local toyota dealers with full toyota service history, they are a 08 with 65,896 miles, 07 with 60,987 and a 09 with 71,067 miles. I just wandered if any one could offer advi
  5. Hi folks, new to this forum after just purchasing a 2006 Prius t-spirit 2 weeks ago, only had 25k on clock and fully serviced by toyota so was and absolute gem of a find. Anyways car is working brilliantly and we are really happy with it, just wanted to ask a few pointers to see if we have just missed things ort they are not features of the car Auto windscreen wipers - is this not a feature on the uk t-spirit Auto headlights - again is this not a feature Is there an update anyone knows of for the audio software on the car, the reason I ask is that I have fitted an ipod system to the cd changer
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums johnboy4809 :)

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