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  1. This will be my last posting on this topic. Having had no joy from Alicante Head Dealer on the peeling lacquer problem, I wrote to the Head Office for the whole of Europe. They eventually contacted the Spanish Head Office in Madrid for them to pass on their message to me. Yes, you guessed it! All they can say is "The warranty is three years. Recalls are for the Customer's benefit". So, after 30 years of loyalty to the Brand, it is "Goodbye Toyotas" from me. Thank you to all those who gave their valuable input to my original posting. Happy motoring, Guys. PS 26-2-2013 I am now the happy owner of a (white) KIA Cee'd with five years paint warranty and seven years mechanical warranty.
  2. Hi Peter, If they have done a job for you on the roof lining and you are not happy with it then you need to go back and tell them. They will tell you what they can do or if they can't improve on it. There is, however, nowhere else for you to take the problem except to those who sold it to you. Without seeing it, only you will know if you are being "picky". If it it something that catches your eye every time you get in the vehicle and is annoying to you, then you will never be happy with the purchase. Unfortunately, only you can decide if you can live with it.
  3. Hi P34RC3, Right on the button my friend, it is dark red.
  4. Hi Guys, Thank you for your replies to my query. I actually live in a country area and no trains around at all, don't park under trees either. I have owned the car from new and have already had the bonnet and one front wing resprayed which I had to pay for. The Toyota approved repair shop said it would not be possible to prove that it wasn't stone chips from the road. Well, now that it is peeling from the roof, passenger door, whole of the top of the left wing mirror and the other front wing, in my book it is not stone chips. Went down to main agent in Alicante today and they have taken photo's of the bad areas and said they will put the case to the Madrid head office to see if they will agree to do the job. As you said mrp, it is outside the paint warranty but they said it is unusual. The sales guy said he had only seen it once before. I owned a Corolla for seven years, an original MR2 for fourteen years, an MR2 Roadster for two years and not one spot of bother with any of them. Sold the Roadster to come to live in Spain. This Auris has been nothing but problems for me. Now I wait for some news from Madrid.
  5. Hi Everyone, My Auris 2.0 D4D is five years old. In that time I have had the headlamp lenses polished twice, three Toyota recalls and now the lacquer is peeling off in five places. I have already had the bonnet and one front wing resprayed but it is now peeling badly in four more places. (Passenger door, roof, driver's wing mirror top, Other front wing.) Has anyone else seen this problem or have an idea of what causes this. Thank you in anticipation.
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums sanmiguel :)