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  1. I think you're right Heidfirst - the mirror control/ fold buttons aren't lit on my Avensis (07) but the TRC and headlight level are.
  2. Hello again. Just thought I'd return and let you know I've gone for the petrol one. It drove fine, seemed perky enough vs. my old 2.0 and very comfortable - hopefully it'll be a great family wagon. So thanks once more for your advice. Sam
  3. Wow - thanks for all the opinions and information - just the kind of thing I was after. My driving type/ mileage does make it a tricky decision as I do frequent (but not loads of) motorway driving plus a lot of round town shunting. I have driven plenty of different cars for work - petrols and diesels - and I can see the benefits/ drawbacks of both. I think on balance, for my needs (stress-free, multipurpose family wagon), the petrol is preferrable so I'll give that a good old test first but I won't rule out a diesel and give that go as well. Thanks again S
  4. Thanks for your replies Pete and Heidfirst - much appreciated. Mulling it all over I think, as you concur, the 1.8 will suit us just fine. Just got to find the time to go and drive them now before anyone else snaps 'em up! Interestingly my MiL had a great experience with Toyota insurance until last renewal when they took the micky with the renewal for her Prius. So she moved... Cheers S
  5. Hello Pete Thanks for your reply and thoughts. I am going to drive them but thought it was worth sounding out general opinions/ experiences of these cars as well. It's a good point about peace of mind and sounding out the dealers - I'm sure 1.8 would give a hassle-free experience and I prefer that with cars. . That diesel is located much closer, which is a factor - there's always way better things to do than traipsing round garages! Ha! Sam
  6. Hello Just signed up to the forum! Wondering if i could pick your brains,although I'm sure my question has been covered before. Apologies for the length of this post! I have a 2000 Avensis 2.0 (pre-VVti), which has been great. I put about 27,000 miles on it in under 2 years with no worries. However things have started to go a bit awry - age related mostly but cost accumulating - so I it is time for a change. I'm looking at a mk II Avensis estate c.2007. There are two possibilities at Toyota dealers: A 1.8 VVTi T3-x or a 2.0 D4D Colour Collection for similar money/ similar mileage with all the
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums Samwin :)

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