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  1. No Too much disrespect and flippant remarks from paying established members over subjects which should be shown more dignity. Maybe I expect too much? ← ooo listen to grandad or grandma.... watch that walking stick oldy
  2. What do you expect , reece has her period every day ... it is a she right? im not sure
  3. Found the site by google was good at first lots of helpful advice but then most of the members started to leave or get banned go to IMOC much better over there! Atleast i dont have to see that lexus anymore ;)
  4. Karol Jozef Wojtyla Wow what a name!
  5. Didnt know that, how did u find that out steve?
  6. Agreed, what a horrible last few days :(
  7. Going to look at them soon, and also check dizzy cap make sure everything is ok
  8. Earl... make sure the file size of the movie is 21megs in size yousend it is really playing up sometimes it downloads completely other time's it just completes the download half way!
  9. Come on guys i put the video up , yet nobody seen it?
  10. Still couldve been worse earl your car taken aswell, glad to see your wooshing about again
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