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  1. Determined to get my elderly father an easy driving automatic when his trusty manual Volvo packed in after 17 years I bought the Starlet, our first Toyota. This was 6 years ago. The car was bought privately having had one elderly woman owner from new with 26k on the clock. There are not many Starlets on the road and I have only recently come aware that ours has no name on the tailgate. Looking at photos online it seems that all other Starlets have this detail. Ours just has the Toyota logo front and back and the CD logo to the sides This is a puzzle because I can see no evidence of a respray or a tailgate replacement. Can anyone advise if all Starlets came out of the factory with the name on the tailgate? I expect to be selling the car in the next year or so and hoped that it might now have a cachet as a ‘vintage’ model and be worth advertising regionally or nationally rather than just selling locally as a cheap runabout (only 30k on the clock). However if it is ‘wrong’ ref' the name it won’t be so desirable to Toyota enthusiasts.
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