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  1. One of the first things I was taught whilst learning to drive is never assume another vehicle is going to do something, indicating or not. If another driver pulls out on you on a roundabout then they are at fault unless you are doing something ridiculous. The rule is give way to the right, he didn't.
  2. I haven't seen it yet but whilst I was looking for other possible Yaris I noticed that the newer model 2011 onwards is about the same price for the same milage with bluetooth, sat nav & reversing camera plus a few other bits so might have a look at one of those as well. ATM got a 2009 1.0 IQ which is back with Toyota for a full respray but had very few problems (paint coming off aside) with it apart from the centre splined portion of the clutch plate parting company with the rest of it, one of the rear callipers sticking on but think its something to do with the handbrake & the top nut coming loose on one of the front struts. Thanks for your input.
  3. Looking to purchase a 2010 Yaris 1.3 manual with 47k on it but was just wondering if there are any particular things to look out for or known problems when I go to see it? Thanks
  4. If it’s coming off of the bonnet it will come off of all the other metal panels as well. Have a look around the sills and at the paint behind the rear glass, fuel filler and edges of the door. Mine started with the bonnet but realised there was a real problem when a gravity fed hose pipe washed off paint around the rear glass. contact Toyota directly.
  5. Toyota have gone back up in my estimations today as my IQ has just gone in for a full strip & respray & its only costing me £10 per day (max £150) for the courtesy car insurance plus maybe another £100 if I want the small car park related dents repaired. It's a ten year old car but I did first report the problem 3 years ago so not sure if that had an influence on the decision. Will let you know how it is when I get it back.
  6. Mine is ten years old & has gone back to Toyota today for a full respray. I should point out though that I first reported the problem three years ago.
  7. Mixing enough paint for 4+ years.? Not sure about that but I do know that mine isn't looking too pretty atm. Going to Toyota in the near future for a report to be done.
  8. It was just the clutch but unfortunately they had binned it before I picked it up but there is something wrong with 4th as I cannot select 4th at a standstill (I know it's not quite torquey enough to pull away in 4th) & if I knock it out of gear on the move & wait a few seconds then it won't let me put it back into 4th until I have used another gear first. Time will tell what happens next. Also, how much for a 2 part clutch for the 1.0l model? Cheapest I found was £137 going up to nearly £500 but for the 1.3l you can pick them up for £46.
  9. Hopefully find out today if it was just the clutch or the gearbox as well, but as it went when changing into 4th & that was the only gear it wouldn't go into after it went bang im not hopeful. Will try & get the old parts & take photos if they haven't binned it already.
  10. When the garage stripped it down they found that the clutch plate had exploded. New clutch should arrive today but not sure that’s the whole story because that doesn’t explain why it wouldn’t go into 4th. Will update when it’s all back together.
  11. Took my sons in to get the egr valve replaced on the recall & the garage jet washed the car & blew a large lump of paint off of the bonnet. Although they said that they probably did it it wasn't their fault as I hadn't had the stone chips repaired & at that point I lost it with the service manager & told him where he should go which I admit I shouldn't have done but if he didn't spend so much time & effort denying the problem I wouldn't have lost it. At the time I didn't know about the production defect with the white pearlescent paint & I even complained to Toyota UK who basically said tuff luck. Ironic that because of a production fault I took the car to Toyota who then revealed another production fault but failed to mention it. On a slightly different note, my son now has a posh Toyota called a Lexus which also needed to go back on a recall & they kindly refuelled the car with petrol as a way of saying sorry. Problem was it's a diesel & when my son got home told me what he thought they had done but I couldn't believe it, & a few checks revealed they had. They admitted to it straight away & asked if I could drive it back to them 100 miles away which I refused. They then asked me to use my relay cover to get it too them & when that failed they asked me to get quotes to get it too them. Long story short guess which brand of car I will never be buying again? Nearly forgot to mention the gearbox on my IQ has also just died big time.
  12. Looks like the gearbox has died in my 2009 1.0 IQ but cannot find anyone else that has had this type of problem. Basically goes into 1, 2, 3, 5 & reverse but when I let the clutch up it starts to bite then horrible grinding noise & no drive. Will not go into 4th at all & all gears locations don't feel right. Quick check on the cables to make sure there is no obstruction etc & all seems fine along with the clutch. I'm guessing the main shaft has gone but seems a bit strange. Anyone else heard of or experienced this problem?
  13. Censorship gone mad. Lets see if tug or pull are ok instead
  14. It was the top nut that was loose, I just removed it with my fingers. Its not a lock nut as I would have expected so just used some thread lock & put it back on as tight as I could which wasn't too tight because the shock strut just turns after a bit but I undid the other side whilst at it & that only required a quick ***** on the socket bar to get it loose. You need to remove all the plastic bits at the bottom of the screen, then the metal tray underneath the plastic which is only a few 10mm bolts to get clear access to the top of the strut. I thought that the ring the nut is sitting on in the photo was the dust cap but only when you get clear sight did I realise that there is a rubber cap in the middle so don't make that mistake as I did. No damage done & rattling gone. Thanks again Craig for the photo's they were a great help.
  15. Thats brilliant thank you. Now I know its a dust cover as I suspected, I can be a little more forceful with it. I'll try & have a look tomorrow & report back.