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  1. Check your Car reg at http://www.toyota.co...ers-Info-Recall Also check at http://www.dft.gov.u.../1/2010&tx=VOSA This is a list of Avensis Recalls as advised to VOSA. [Heidfirst beat me to it !!!!! :-))]
  2. Just fitted new OSRAM Night Breaker Plus to my 2010 Avensis Tourer and on my sisters 2009 Nissan X-Trail, got free w5w sidelights on both orders from Powerbulbs. The originals were not very bright but I think this is more the Projector lenses create a very sharp focused cutoff for the light rather that the wider light pattern of older cars/lights that are probably more dazzling as well. The new bulbs are much better and give a whiter light. On full beam it is almost like daylight. Check carefully for pricing as there can be some variation in the price. I did use Halfords Super brilliance on another car and they were good but they do have a reputation for short life and one set I had did die quickly. My main gripe is fitting is a pain as you need small hands to work in the very small space available. God help you if you need fit a new bulb in the dark at the side of a road in pouring rain. I managed to lose two of the clips that hold the plastic cover that is over the top of the radiator/lights. I cannot get them out of the engine bay without removing the shield on the bottom of the engine bay. Anyone know where I can get new clips without paying silly prices to Toyota for replacements ?
  3. The best tyres I have used on multiple makes of car including Mercedes C270 cdi, Volvo S60 D5 and BMW 330d were Michelin Primacy. Latest version Primacy 3. Very good grip in wet and dry, good/average in wet snow/ice but once on main roads that have been gritted/salted very safe. I am currently on Bridgestone ER300 but will change to Michelin Primacy as soon as these wear out. I would personally spend the extra for Primacy for safety and peace of mind.. I would skimp elsewhere to ensure good brakes and tyres. Just my personal view.
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums BuckminsterFullerene :)