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  1. 5 Alloys in total, all with lacquer damage only due to age and weathering. The first picture is the best out of them all. These are very rare, having looked at ebay for a set to get the item specifics butthen i found it all altched on the actual alloys. These Alloys are wider than your average 14" Alloys, being 6J which is what 15" Alloys are as standard. These are off the old SR models I believe and with a renovation they will definitely return to their former glory. The tyres are all decent tread but a mixture of brands and 2 are suspect as they're not holding pressure but they haven't been tested to see if it's tyres or just valves. Collection preferred (Burnley, Lancashire) but can post at extra cost. £150 ono Thanks Any questions please call 07971-620-670
  2. I need some help again with please people. ERRATIC IDLE problem, revs jump between 800-1300, never below 800 and no higher than 1400. when I start the car up it stays 'steady' around 1200 but as it warms up the 'jumpyness' kicks in. It started last week after a smnall incident; my mate who believes in HHO (hydrogen being pumped into your combustion chambers via air intake pipe) tried to install the device on my car to test it on mine but we kind of messed up by 'blocking' the accelerator cable and this resulted in the revs shooting up towards MAX when i took off for the test drive but luckily shut engine off before it reached max. I turned the engine one more time and same thing as before so I turned engine off again only to open the bonnet and realise that the accelerator cable was 'trapped'. Freed the cable and took off the whole set-up of the HHO and car was normal-ish until i realised the Erratic Idle Issue. Now Could the settings on the throttle body have changed due to this? could this be why it's doing it? or culd it be failing Coil Packs like what I have been suspecting for a while now on the car (before this the revs were casually fluctuating between 600-800 ish revs whilst on Idle). Any help on my forevever problematic car appreciated.
  3. Hi All, I need some help with my steering issue and I'm suspecting Power Seering pump failure; basicall the steering is slightly harder than normal although fluids are topped up. It has seized once a fortnight ago when i steered into a car park and suddenly it seemed as though the steering had 'locked' and it was amking all kinds of noises as though bits had snapped off underneath.... but all was ok after i manahged to steer it out of the car park and the problem mysteriously disappeared as soon as i rolled out. :S I have a x Reg E11 Facelift 1.4 VVti and I was swondering if anyone could help me with the part number for the power-steering pump as i'm thinking of buying a used one off ebay for the job and see if it resolves the issue. I am also going to change the drive belt along with it because I thinsk thatc ould do with a change (cracks in the 'tracks') :p any help, info, advice appreciated gents. I was going to put pics of the car up but after the bump I had during the snowstorms, it's take away the glory of it, only had the car 5 months :( Thanks All
  4. Thanks Artur mate, will do that. The steering wheel 'failed' on me once, where It was heavy steering as well the steering wheel getting 'stuck' and requiring alot of force to turn...abit like the old cars without power steering...remember them days? :) So my instincts tell me it's the steering pump but i will change the drive belt on it since it's a step in the right direction anyway. will let you know how i get on. As for your problem... I DO consider myself very very lucky to have somewhat resolved the problem or majority of it. I have read many causes for this and It renges from O2 Sensors to whole engine failures ..so i really don't know what to say mate. I do now suspect that I have a/some faulty coilpacks as i have a fluctuating rev counter... not very erratic but +/- 200 revs I would say... :help2:
  5. Aye up mate, Any luck with the car so far? I've been away for a while whilst tending to the Golf; getting it MOT worthy and a few other bits like tracking and service etc. I think My corolla's steering pump is on it's way; It's recently become intermittently harder to turn at times and in general the steering has become a touch more harder. Last week I breaked and turned into a car park when suddenly it made a clunking noise and it wouldn/t turn AT ALL! I nitially I thought something had broken off and was maybe obstructing the drive shaft. I had to leave the car like that and go off to work for a few hours, afterwards I started the car and started reversing it out of the car park and the steering at this time was HEAVY and the steering wheel would travel a 1/4 turn and then get stuck...I somehow managed to keep rolling the car whilst steering and drive it out of the car park, Then MIRACULOUSLY the steering wheel went back to normal!! I was quite astonished but thought I would monitor the steering So i have concluded that the steering has infact become harder and it's more harder after initial startup and then starts to ease off. I have checked steeing fluid and that was ok, however I still topped it up a little anyway just in case. I have also noticed a drive belt (?) which can be seen from the engine bay on the elft hand side (drivers side) has probably seen better days. My understanding is the steering pump has a Pulley that gets wounded by this belt? I could be wrong. well this belt has got cracks in the 'teeth'...loads of them however it does seem to be doing the jb at the minute. can you or anyone else help me with this problem? Is the steering pump a diy job I can tackle at home? does anyoone have the part number for the steering pump? I have found one on ebay but it says it's from 2002 1.4 vvti whereas mine is 2000.
  6. Bil you are lucky guy! You spent some maney but the car is fixed now. It's great, isn't it? I was also thinking about used coil pack but you know, it is a kind of lottery. You can get good or bad coil pack... but I think will take a chance. So I am now looking for the right coil pack for my car and will order it. I will inform You soon about progress in this matter. best regards Artur Hey Artur mate, Did you manage to fix the issues with your car?
  7. I truly hope you get yours sorted out my friend, It really is a pain in the neck driving around in a car that doesn't drive/sound/feel healthy. I spent a further £35 on my car getting the exhaust (YES Exhaust again this time) fully fitted by an exhaust speacialist company down my end. The Exhaust I was told had been 'molested' by several mechanics (2 just whilst in my ownership!) and certain clamps were missing and it wasn't installed and tightened on different places. There was also two leaks on the exhaust. The kind mechanic had quoted me £35 after a quick inspection but later mentioned had he known the extent of the actual job I would have been charged £60. Being of the nature he was (perfectionist) he took the whole thing of and reinstalled. Now: no erratic idleing, all GONE! car pulls much mucg better and smoother and i am seeing better mpg aswell albeit local driving. For me it was the Sensor mate but for others it can be the coil-packs. Having done the Disgnostics I would have thought you would have had an accurate diagnosis but I was told by my mechanic that Coil packs don't always flag up on diiagnostic checks. keep me updated buddy. Im sure you can get hold off one on ebay for £20 or so I found when i was looking around for mine. Not brand new but if its fully working then you can use it for testing? Regards Bil
  8. Actually it doesn't work new lambda sensor has been installed but problem still exists. Check engine is off because heater circuit in new lambda sensor is ok. I think I have a case which I was reading about that changing oxygen sensor didn't help to solve the problem. I really hope to find solution ... but sooner than later. best regards Artur Sorry to hear that mate, i'm actually questioning mine now; although It ihas been working much much better without the 'pullback' i cant help but think the problem may return. Another thing i noticed was that the revs (once warmed up) stay around 7/800 revs but it slightly twitches...i am dreading it could be the faulty coil packs the mechanic mentioned. As for what the mechanic said, well he said that he had a corolla that basically 'pulled back' whilst driving and then it 'dies' out of the blue which means it's un-driveable until you get the faulty coilspack(s) sorted. I have not fully deemd as my car as OK, because when the exhaust was moved around and the CAT was checked-the soldering had come loose on the joint of the exhaust where the backbox pipe was joined up-so now it's blowing and worser than lat time due to the work carried out on the sensor/CAT. So back to the workshop again today for fixing that up (again) which will be the 3rd time. I'm beginning to lose faith...almost 3 moths of purchase and headache all the way. i still have a little belief that there could be light at the end of the tunnel-nce fixed properly it might turn out to be the brilliant and ultra-reliable car that Toyota's are meant to be. I haev a VW GOLF GT TDI 130 and that has never given me this much trouble in the past 5 years (almost)....you can't have it all as the saying goes.
  9. hello Bil, I am very glad to here that your car is fixed now! I hope mine will be too (tomorrow). Anyway, If you fell that your engine twitch it is probably coil pack problem. First check if there is a carbon path inside the coil (rubber) wich could allow the spark goes outside the spark plug . If there isn't, it can be a problem with coil condition. You can check which of coils is in bad condition by unplugging one each time and if there is no changing in engines work it means this coil is damaged. If You unplug a coil and You hear the engine is working worse it means this coil is ok. I will come back soon to write about my results after changing lambda sensor. best regards Artur Thanks for your advice matey, your solution/method sounds very logical so i will try that when i haave abit of time on hands. Can I remove each coil (one at a time) whilst the engine is RUNNING? i think that is what your email is stating but i just wanted to make sure. Can i clean out the metal conductors with say electrical components cleaning spray? would that improve it slightly? could it be the MAF sensor again? i have taken it out on 2 occasions and cleaned it with an electronic spray cleaner so it should be woking fine.
  10. hello Bil, I will get oxygen sensor in two days and then will replace. Will see if it helps I also read that cheaper universal ox sensors don't want to work fine so I suggest You to buy Bosch, exactly the same ref no that You have in your car. I found this sensor here: http://www.arwit.pl/...1&towkod=&tab=1 it is about 60 pounds but you know, the shipment would be much more expensive to UK so I guess 80pounds in UK will be almost the same price When I replace this sensor will come back here to write about results. best regards Artur Update: Well, Decided to buy a BOSCH Pre Cat Lambda Sensor from my local Parts shop yesterday, cost £64 which i was quite impressed with. I thought the Cat had gone so bought a CAT aswell but whilst getting the Sensor fitted @ the mechanics I was advised that my Cat was actually in good condition and the 'mesh' had not 'collapsed' inside. Really pleased with that as it saved me a few bob to get that sorted aswell. the mechanic was someone i knew a little but he really helped me and talked about the Coil Packs colapsing ont hese aswell but he happens tohave some second hand ones that will fit mine; but we will take that route if it comes to that. So..fitted Lambda sensor on and car seems FIXED! (touch wood). No more jerking or 'pullbacks' and mpg seeems good, car runs smooth throughout the rev range and slower speeds has become more comfortable (car used to pull back alot during slower speeds/lower revs) So hopefully Artur matey, yours should feel the same when you fit this part on. All the best. By the way, is there any way of finding out if there is problem wit a specific coil pack? just in case mine gets knackered again. my Revs are stable but there is an ever-so-slight twitch every so often. Any ideas what it could be or lead to? Thanks all
  11. Hi mate, I'm quite new to toyota so I really couldn't help you but i'm sure theres a thread somewhere which holds info and reviews by members who have tried and tested. hope this helps.
  12. Hello again , Update: The cleaner has not worked! £16 wasted. :( I think you are on the 'business end' of the problem there mate with the sensor. I haven't found a Bosch one for any less than £80, where did you find thid sensor mate? I did get a quote for a generic Oxygen sensor for £52 and Cat for £42. I also read somehwere that nothing other than Bosch works as well on these cars so should i just go for a BOSCH one? Bil
  13. He might as well have! My anger is that he most likely lent it to someone to thrash around for the day and bring back. He is way too busy (fiddling) to drive my car over 100 miles.. The Catacleaner seems to be working it's magic a little as i have noticed a slight bit of improvement but the full bottle hasn't been burned yet so will take it for a looong drive tonight (like my mechanic did) and see what results i see. I will keep you updated likewise please keep me updated too. I do believe however my CAT has crossed the boundaries of 'repair' si i will need a new one and maybe a LAmbda Sensor aswell...but these are expensive parts i must say! is there any place where they do good prices? so far I have found a Full Cat on ebay for £140 delivered and a Bosch Lambda for £80. is that right prices? Thanks
  14. Hello don't be sorry, it's ok. Anyway I noticed this week that the problem with pulling my car is getting worse. Now I can feel it much stronger than before even check engine lights I read that many toyota users changed oxygen sensors and it didn't help at all. Actually I couldn't find the answer that anyone sloved the problem I have to go somwhere to check why CE lights and then will think what to do. If You have any news from the mechanic pls write ... best regards Artur Hello again, Bid of a tempered update: Went to pick up car from garaage yesterday and was 'told' that he had put some injector cleaner in the car and taken it for a drive down the motorway. I remember I put £15 juice in the car before handing it over to him (did 1 mile) but when i got into the car the petrol light was on and the car had travelled 115 miles! So i had a heated discussion with him and left. His act has made me question his character and worksmanship yet AGAIN and this time I told him how i felt and i doubt i will ever go back. As for the car, still the ame problem but thins time i have put some 'CATACLEANER' into the system. apparently that cleans the cat and oxygen sensors (as per bottle info) so thats the last hope really. quite surprised to hear that you havent read of a solution to the problem yet Artur mate, Im new to the Toyota frum and cars so i thought i may have not read enough. It IS worrying to think that this problem will take the car to its 'grave'... SURELY there must be a fix out there.
  15. hello there, terrible thing happend to You... but sometimes thing like this happens I hope You will repair your car as soon as possible. Did You drive much enaught before this happend to notice if the engine was working correctly? Was there the problem with syndrome "stretchy rope"? best regards Artur Hello mate, sorry for the very late reply. Ive handed the car back to the garage for the same 'stretchy rope' problem. Although not as bad as before it is still there and getting worser day by day (although ot as worse as before touch wood). The mechanic stated that the problem is with the fuel 'delivery' or fuel issue as he put it. Now things are sort of falling into place in my mind; could it be the OXYGEN SENSOR? I vaguely recall on other threads that a 'Fuel related problem' comes up when the Lambda Sensor starts failing?? could it be due to the unproportionate mixture of air and fuel that has maybe caused my exhaust CAT to rumble and possible need replacing? I think i would have to try that...but if anybody else can shed some light on this as well as Artur then that would be appreciated. I think the clutch failing around the same time threw many 'angles' in my head which has delayed the response to you matey, apologies. As well as the bump that snowy weekend (can anything else go wrong for me at thie moment in time???)