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  1. Hey thanks, I'm pretty sure it has to be enabled by the site admin but I'll have a look anyway : )
  2. Does anyone know where I could download a service manual for my car? I would like to do a bit of DIY work on it but am not particularly mechanical so thought it would be helpful to get a bit of info first. It's a 97 toyota trueno - AE111 Thanks : )
  3. PS: Can I get someone to let me change my profile pic... the current one does not show a lot of likeness ; P
  4. Hey guys, I was searching online for a decent website or forum for toyota's as I bought a 97 toyota trueno, 6 speed, 4AGE about 6 months ago. I am hoping that I can find helpful information about my newly acquired car here as i am not especially mechanical but would like to learn enough to make good decisions about looking after my car : )
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums THEoPAINoTRAIN :)



      Thanks Steve... don't have permission to edit my own profile, What's up with that?