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  1. I had the same problem, battery flat and not enough power to open door. Used key to open door, connected booster to terminal under red cover + and the - to the front suspension bolt just above the fuse box. (you need to crouch down a bit to see this bolt, with a nylock nut on it) this is a good earth point. The two points - and + are only about 6 inches apart. hope this helps. good luck Roy
  2. Hi VGP63 I have that booster and its got me started twice now. I have now had my 12v battery replaced and I hope I won't need the booster for a while, if at all. All I can say is that this particular booster worked for me and I can't think of any reason why not to buy one. Hope this is helpful westferrychip (Roy)
  3. Ian x 5 thanks so much for that info. it's just what I needed to hear. What a good idea to back feed the 12v via the jump start terminals, I have a battery booster which will do the trick nicely. Thanks again Westferrychip (Roy)
  4. Thanks Sushd Thanks for the info. I seem to remember that AGM batteries are quite expensive !! I'll have to see what price toyota want for a replacement. My main worry is, can you disconnect the 12v bat. without having to reset all sorts of electrical wizardry when its re connected.
  5. I think I may need to change my gen 3 T spirit hybrid 12v battery. Has anyone done this ? What needs resetting when re connecting the new battery, if anything ? Also is there an altenative (higher capacity) battery that someone could suggest. I would be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks westferrychip (Roy)
  6. Thanks Ian x 5 You may have just saved me £35 as I am negotiating a price for a solar panel on ebay I just hope the seller doesn't . accept my offer or I'll be stuck with a solar panel I can't use. Thanks Roy
  7. Thanks for all the help people. I think I will hard wire a cigar lighter socket to the 12v batt. and buy a 20 watt solar panel to plug into it. thanks again westferrychip (Roy)
  8. If your correct VGP63, and I'm sure you are then, as you say a solar panel plugged into the cig. lighter or indeed the mini booster that plugs into cig. lighter are out of the question. Maybe a cig. lighter type socket wired directly to the 12v battery would suit ??? Its food for thought. Thanks Roy
  9. Thanks Vanilla coffee That's a good idea providing the cigar lighter connection is indeed connected to the 12v battery supply when the "ignition" is off. Thanks for your reply Westfwerrychip (Roy)
  10. Hello VGP63 I purchsed my "Silverline 12 ah booster on ebay here is the link to the item: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-900A-HEAVY-DUTY-CAR-JUMP-STARTER-BOOSTER-CABLE-LEAD-BATTERY-BOOSTER-START-/231306202638?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item35daec8e0e It needs about 40 hours on charge initially and then a 10 hour charge about once every two months (they say) I found out from the AA technician where to attach the booster, if you need this info I would gladly let you know, but I would need to take a photo or two rather than try to explain with text. By the way the booster was around £35 Hope t
  11. Hi everyone My prius sits outside my house for a couple of weeks at a time, I dont use it much due to health problems. Due to its lack of use the 12v battery goes flat and the car wont start. I have called AA twice now, who use a battery booster connected under the bonnet. I have now purchased one of these myself and it works fine. I saw on the internet a 12v pre charged battery that plugs direct into the cars cigar lighter, this would be much easier to use. My question is, does this work on a prius ?, has anyone used one of these devices. I would have thought that the cigar lighter circui
  12. Thanks Kithmo for the thought but I did check that.
  13. Just for information. I have realised that this seems to be a problem when using the "quick access" for motorways. I have tried all quick access points (1-5) on about five motorway points, all of them ,when recalled seem, to take you to the nearest off motorway point. So I have convinced myself that the quick access memory stores the nearest postcode to the point you select and as far as I am aware motorways don't have postcodes !!! I would like to find out if an upgrade would rectify this to allow the memory to store co-ordinates rather than postcode info. but I don't know where to find this
  14. Thanks for the info Peter Sale and Kithmo I know the software update will cost around £200 my dealer seemed to have £ signs in his eyes when we discussed this problem. My point of view is that this has been a problem since I purchased the car so I thought the dealer would sort it but alas the dealer said that they could not diagnose a satnav problem without up to date software which I would have to pay for !!! I bet if it turned out to be a hardware or firmware problem which, I think, is covered under the warranty they wouldn't refund the software upgrade cost. I think that £200 is an extorti
  15. Hi all Think I have isolated the problem with my satnav. If I select the destination using "Map" it seems to be OK about 50% of the attempts and will return the comment "are you sure you want to set destination on a Motorway" and then it will be OK. If I get the exact co ordinates from Google earth and enter those as a destination into a "quick" memory location it will fail as in the picture on reply #7 Also if I set the "quick" memory location using the Map it will fail again as #7 So it seems to be the "quick" memory that it doesn't like. I would love to hear from anyone who has this satna
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