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  1. Hi there, thanks Scott (Hiedfirst) for your help, I am waiting for a reply from Toyota Shop and I will try Lindop Toyota for a price as well to see who is most competitive. Once again thanks Les. (biggun)
  2. Hi Mike Thanks for your speedy reply, I am now in contact with Toyota shop to find out how much for a full set (it looks like it won't be cheap) perhaps Santa will pay for them Ha Ha ! Anyway again many thanks. Les.
  3. Hi there, I am looking to fit mud flaps all round on my 2017 (67) Avensis saloon, could anyone steer me in the right direction as to where I can buy a set that will fit. I have tried to find a set on the net but when I ask about my specific model no one is certain about the exact fit. I have even tried to find original Toyota ( expensive) one's but no joy. I would be really grateful for any advice. THANKS Les
  4. Thanks a lot Konrad for replying so quick, I cannot find anything in my owner's manual about a "service mode", but I think I have found what you mean as there is a procedure for leaving the EPB off when shutting down the engine, so I will do that and take off the spring and then disconnect the Bowden cable so that I can clean and paint the calliper and free and lightly grease the pads. Again many thanks for your speedy help on this. Les I would like to wish you and your family A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. 2
  5. Hi there, I am asking for a little advice if anyone has any experience of this subject. I have just changed my car for a 67 plate Avensis 2.0 ltr D4D and would like to take off my rear callipers so that I can free the pads and clean and paint the callipers. I've had a look and see that the EPB (electric parking brake) has a Bowden cable and a spring connected to the calliper, can I remove these whilst the hand brake is in the released position, then remove the calliper. (The pads are still nice and thick) so I will not be putting new pads in, so I won't be altering the piston position in the calliper . Do I have to have the EPB re-programmed after putting everything back? Many thanks for any advice on this.
  6. Thanks a lot for the reply Nick. I just wanted to check with the club because that's where the owners are that run these cars. I did also ask a Toyota dealer on Saturday and he explained how the actuator works and that there was no springs compressed or electric current being used once the ignition is turned off. So he has also confirmed that it should be ok to leave it with the handbrake released. Thanks for taking the time to reply and putting my mind at rest. Cheer's Nick thanks again Les.
  7. Hi guys, Late 2017 avensis 2.0 d sedan. Sorry to bring up the dreaded electric h/b subject again, but I have a problem. Could anyone reliably advise me as to whether I will do any damage to the electric handbrake, if when I park the car safely on my drive, before I turn off the ignition, I release the hand brake and leave it like that maybe for a few months in the winter. Will it weaken springs or do any other damage? Also can I assume that the 2017 model will have the updated Bowden cable fitted from new, the one with the hermetical seal. Thanks again for any for any advise.
  8. Hi Lee thanks for that, I've looked hi and low on the net but couldn't come up with anything, it seems that my model verso is not so popular so a lot of brake stockists don't hold them. So I will get on to the Toyota garage and pick some up. Once again Lee, many thanks. Les
  9. biggun High guys does anyone know where I can buy brake nipples for my 59 plate Verso 2.0 D4D Tspirit ?, just in case I snap one trying to free them. I need a set of four. I have looked on the Net but cannot find my model. I wondered if any other model Toyota has the same brakes fitted. Many thanks for any info
  10. High guys does anyone know where I can buy brake nipples for my 59 plate Verso 2.0 D4D Tspirit ?,

    just in case I snap one trying to free them.  I need a set of four.  I have looked on the Net but cannot find

    my model.  I wondered if any other model Toyota has the same brakes fitted.

    Many thanks for any info         :smile:


  11. Thanks guy's for your prompt response and your suggestions. I'll give both your idea's a go. It will be a little while before I can have a go at it, but I will put a reply on here with my results. Once again many thanks.
  12. Hi there, Has anyone got any idea's how to free seized brake nipples on my 59 plate Verso T Spirit 2.0 D4D? The garage dare not have a go in case they snap off. Brakes are ok, I just wanted to change the brake fluid. Many thanks for any help. P S. Where is the most economical place to buy replacement callipers from, should the worst come to the worst ? Thanks again
  13. Thanks for the reply Taff. I've had a look at anchormans guide and found it great they say "a picture speaks a thousand words " and thats certainly true when you are telling some one how to do something so thanks again for pointing me in the right direction, and thanks to Anchorman for taking the time to post a great Guide. I just want to check that its the same filter unit thats fitted to my verso to make sure I don't come across any unforseen snags. Its not fitted in the same place in the engine bay but just looking at it I think it looks to be the same unit so should be no big problem to fit it. Anyway thanks again Taff for taking the trouble to reply. If anyone knows if the unit is the same on my verso I would be very thankful to hear from you. I will monitor this query so please reply.
  14. Hi everybody, I would like to change the diesel filter on my verso 59 plate D-4D 2.0 and would appreciate any help and advice. First of all I am reasonably OK on the simple maintainance of engines i.e. changing oils and filters but have not done a diesel filter on this car yet Does the work require any specialist equipment or resetting of the ecu afterwards ?. Secondly, as I can't seem to find a workshop manual for this model yet can any one talk me through the procedue ?. Thirdly, is it a garage job that should not be attempted DIY ? Thanks for any help that I may get from all of you, and once again thanks to Toyota Owners Club.
  15. Thanks a lot for the reply Mike, sorry for the delay getting back. I tried to find the delete button for the earlier topic but had no luck so I don't know how to "bump" it off. But your answer was very helpful. I thought it might be a safety advice thing that toyota was getting at, but I just wanted to check with someone if there was any detrimental problems that could harm the engine and gearbox. The car is a manual 2.0 ltr D-4D and I never let the engine labour when I am towing our light weight caravan. So I can't see why on a good stretch of motorway that I couldn't use the cruise control to have a break for a short spell from sitting in one position and to stop my foot from going to go to sleep (old age) Ha Ha . By the way if anyone is interested when i'm towing I get 32.5mpg most times and around 52mpg solo which I think is very good to say we have bikes and all the other stuff associated with caravan touring on board. Anyway THANKS AGAIN Mike for your reply