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  1. Happy Birthday johnnythefox11!

  2. That seems to have done the trick ! Thanks for the advice on that
  3. OK thanks for the feedback, I will give it a try and see if it fixes the fault Mooly.
  4. Hello, wondering if anyone can help me with a problem I have come across this week? When filling up with diesel the gauge took a while to eventually show that I added any fuel (segments lit up) but on the trip computer it is still showing that I have only 60 miles left in the tank and is still reducing as I drive about ! Has anyone come across this before or have any ideas how to reset it to show the correct reading? Many thanks
  5. Hi Peter, thanks for the info on the EGR issue i only really noticed that the 2.2 180 was mentioned about the clog up of soot but i will have another look thanks
  6. Hi to all, just purchased an Auris 2007 model 2.0d4d T Spirit and really pleased with it so far, apart from the fuel economy which is a way bit lower than the 52 it claims :-( Read loads of different topics and always have when i get a different car to see if there are any common faults, one i have seen is the ERG valve on the 2.2 diesel is there a problem with the 2.0 also? Many thanks for any feedback on this.
  7. hi all, just bought a 2.0 d4d auris 56 plate t spirit a few weeks ago and very pleased with it, only thing i am concerned with is the amount of people with problems regarding the clog up of the supposed self clean filter, will this most probably affect me with this engine?

  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums johnnythefox11 :)