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  1. Hello again... I get my car back at wednesday (after 3 weeks waiting), with new half motor, wacuum pump, turbo and all oil and other liquids changed. Today I noticed big oil and coolant water pool under my car... I have to wait for monday to get some information how we now proceed. I'm not happy anymore, too much troubles for me.
  2. How these Verso-S with Multidrive works? I assume that Yaris have same motor and gearbox? Is Multidrive gearbox good and reliable? Motor is 1nr-fe, and I didn't find any problems or big issues.
  3. Hello again! Good news, Toyota changes half-motor and turbo. So, happy ending with this car. But carfever is still rising. Maybe Verso-S 1,33 with Multidrive will be my next problem...
  4. I live in Finland, and all services are done by Toyota dealer. So I hope it's done by importer. But I will tell the result here when I get it!
  5. Car was today at 135000 km service. They said that new half motor is needed, but not sure how much I have to pay. They will ask it from importer, but with my luck I have to pay the whole thing.
  6. I think I have to change DPF, because cycle of regeneration is approx. 100 kilometres... Can I change it myself and do I have to change both of those parts, or just one of these. I would be very happy if someone can help me!
  7. Does anyone know how to change DPF itself? Is that possible? Is it plug and play, or do I have to do some computer work also. And which parts I have to change? Both of these or just another? 25051-33090 CATALYST MAKE/CATALYST ID/ONBOARD DIAGNOSIS:YES OR NO (THIS INDICATION COMPLIES WITH EC DIRECTIVE.)=TOYOTA/33090/Y 25052-33020 CATALYST MAKE/CATALYST ID/ONBOARD DIAGNOSIS:YES OR NO (THIS INDICATION COMPLIES WITH EC DIRECTIVE.)=TOYOTA/25052-33020 /Y
  8. Hello! Same kind of problems here... Oil level incresing, and regeneration is very often. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/148559-auris-14-d4d-increasing-oil-level/ I found this video: http://www.firstpost...jTzc-181-1.html And bulletin: TSB EG-0017T-0411 I noticed this problem yesterday, but I was informed this problems from other drivers. I have to call local dealer and ask do they have any ideas, and how much it will cost to me to get car ok again.
  9. Hello I have Auris and it's manufacturing year is 2010, and it's facelift with dpf, and 131000 kilometres I just noticed that engine oil level has incresed since i couple weeks ago checked it. So do anyone else have these same problems? Easiest way is change oil, but i don't think that it will last long or fix the problem. Then I noticed this video: http://www.firstpost.com/topic/organization/toyota-toyota-14-d4-d-1nd-tv-euro-4-euro-5-engine-oil-consumpti-video-N4qwFE8jTzc-181-1.html And bulletin: TSB EG-0017T-0411 Does anyone have done these jobs with dealer, or have any other information abo
  10. I just noticed that my passenger side wing mirror indicator lamp don't blink anymore. I looked it but I did not get the idea how to change it by my self. Do I have to take whole plastic mirror cover away, or is there some easier way to proceed this problem... Sorry my english is a little bit rusty...
  11. Welcome to the Toyota forums Toyotisti :)

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