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  1. Hi everyone from a new Toyota owner just purchased my first Toyota its a classic Celica GT4 ST205 in Castrol Colours. I am a motor trader and have been for the last 30 plus years with the Vauxhall so I know nothing much about Toyotas especially GT4'S so thought there will be a hive of information on here to help me find out about what I have just bought and maybe trace its roots back to Japan. If i can help anyone out with info on Vauxhalls then let me know. The reason that I have just bought this car is my 8yr old son wanted me to buy a car we could take to shows ie; The Goodwood Breakfast Club / Piston Heads meets and this came up looked the part but had been standing on someones drive for 4 yrs without moving a wheel and was just about running and need of a little bit of tlc. Its now up and running and on the road but still has a few things that need sorting but I have an 8yr old son with a big smile on his face now.
  2. Welcome to the Toyota forums AMACUK :)