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  1. Yep .Exactly the same springs or straps failed. Quite a common failure around 30K so at what point does a manufacturer take accountability?
  2. Clutch is not slipping and there is no trouble changing gears. The car will still drive Its a noise that tells me something serious has popped. I really hope there is no issue with the flywheel! However I can relate to your comment on the clutch shaft pilot bearing has on the odd occasion a high pitch sound (Almost as if made by a songbird) occurs when pulling off . I suppose this bearing has probably now collapsed!
  3. Hi all Basically when the clutch is engaged to change gear a rattling noise comes from the engine like something has come loose internally! Aygo is a Platinum ....... Petrol 2008 plate Done 38K Serviced 5 times (first 3 from Toyota and last 2 from a trusted mechanic) Any ideas chaps? Have to say last year had to have my gearbox repaired on my Avensis at only 58K and this issue with the Aygo is now the icing on the cake as in over 30 years of driving my 2 Toyotas are turning out to be the most unreliable cars I've ever had !!
  4. My code is c/TR1CO/FB16 taken from my 2006 Avensis. VRD just says silver. Can anyone tell me what type silver it is please. Thanks
  5. Thanks My mistake in how I worded the topic title but yes I have rear Drums which is really the information I'm after has I,m confident on Discs. However what should have been a simple check/replace has now turned into a frigging nightmare thanks some Toyota mechanic being over zealous with a pnuematic wrench on its last service and has a result one of the threads on the Wheel bolts has stripped and I can't remove the rear wheel a result!! I even sheared the socket off the supplied wheel spanner when trying to remove the rest. Have they not heard iof a torque wrench set to the correct nM !!
  6. Hi all Done a quick search to see if this topic has been covered and to some extent it has ,However is there any actual video footage out there concerning the Aygo in this area? Would appreciate a link ! Thanks IJD
  7. Hi Any body got any good links or instructions for replacing the exhaust ? Thanks
  8. Cheers guys .........Its interesting to know that in both cases the sound originates from the passenger footwell which is unlike my situation. The sound seems like its coming from behind the heater !
  9. How loud was the rumbling .........In fact how would you best describe the noise ? My ears are not the best (i have tinitus)but it reminds of an engine pinking sound that only disappears once the clutch is engauged!
  10. it was taken in originally for a MOT and full service and I mentioned about the annoying noise which only had developed over the last few months. Know where your coming from but he's a genuine guy and will put me a clutch in as well for just under a £1000 including VAT. However its in for it,s steering check soon(product recall!) and I might as well have a second opinion whilst its there!
  11. Hi Having just been informed by my mechanic that the gearbox bearings are on there way out and the fact my vehicle will be the 4th one he's done ,is this a known common fault and if so have I any comeback with Toyota. A very expensive repair !!!! Vehicle has full service history and has only done 62000 ,2006 model. Cheers
  12. I received my recall notice last week ......Mine's 06 plate.
  13. Just had the car serviced and MOT'd by somone I trust and SNAP! , The gearbox needs its bearing,s AND clutch replacing at a similar cost as well ! First car I,ve ever had in 30 years to require such a repair. Well annoyed !!
  14. How much can I expect to pay? Cheers
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