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  1. eygo

    Impressions and questions for Aygo 2014 model

    it doesnt look like a deep mark in the paintwork it looks like its on the surface i use meguairs products here is a link for the cutting compound i use https://www.meguiars.co.uk/shop/ultimate-compound this compound or an equivilant should work for you and remove the blemish.
  2. eygo

    Leaking lights and a new battery

    here is a company breaking an auris hybrid give them a try they may have a battery for you i know the link is for the invertor but you will have the contact number and car ref number https://www.car-transplants.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/toyota-auris-hybrid-2010-to-2012-high-voltage-inverter-cooling/1/149494
  3. eygo

    Impressions and questions for Aygo 2014 model

    have you tried a fine cutting compound
  4. eygo

    led lights

    the auris is my partners car ,on my car i have led headlights they are better than the auris but you dont get the WOW there the best
  5. eygo

    led lights

    sorry never looked at his 1st post on the forum just this one. unfortunately when you have the Hir2 bulbs you are stuck with really poor headlights our Auris is the same .
  6. eygo

    led lights

    on a 14 plate it could be a mk1 facelift and i'm sure the bulb is a H4 fortunately there are far more upgrade options with this bulb could the OP clarify which model they have i.e. Mk1 or MK2
  7. eygo

    Stop start

    stop start is very hit and miss probably more miss when i had a mercedes A class years ago i was told it depended on loads of parameters some of them being i.e.outside temp,engine temp demand on the electrics to mention a few i think all the stars in the universe have to be aligned for the stop start to work perfectly.😉
  8. hi marcel it is the same oil as a manual gearbox as the gearbox in your mmt is a manual gearbox its just the gear change that is automated.
  9. eygo

    56 plate auris how much is it worth

    the person that wants to buy an auris as country lad said probably isnt going to be a boy / girl racer so the appeal will be to a limited audience but if it where again as country lad has said a corsa the market will be bigger.
  10. eygo

    56 plate auris how much is it worth

    any modifications like the bodykits and exhausts never add extra £'s onto the value of a car unless you find someone who is looking for a car with the mods you have done and they will pay the bit extra. even on a brand new car add the options on and it may add 5-6K to the purchase price but at resale you will only get a few hundred pounds more for them.
  11. eygo

    Any of you had your windscreen replaced???

    the body trim tape is strong its designed to fasten body trims / mouldings , badges onto the car body so it has to be able to withstand all weather conditions heat and cold
  12. eygo

    Any of you had your windscreen replaced???

    sam have autoglass remove the aerial then use some automotive double sided tape to hold the aerial back on the glass, if they are in a good mood they may fix it back on for you. here is a link for some tape https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-Double-Sided-Automotive-Permanent-Self-Adhesive-Foam-Car-Trim-Body-Tape-T1/122957906895?var=423407974102
  13. eygo

    Computer lies a lot about fuel

    if you have used 2 different pumps the calibration of the 2 pumps maybe different the 1 where you refilled may of been over reading slightly so it would look like you used more fuel
  14. eygo

    Dangerous Aygo Windows pt2

    we have had an 09 & 14 plate aygos and both were really good little cars they are too small for us now so we have bigger cars,if we didnt have 2 young children then my partner would probably still have the aygo as her daily car. we have had a yaris courtesy car with 2000 miles on the clock and what a piece of junk it was noisy and lots of rattles we were glad to hand it back ,prefer the aygo to the yaris overall.
  15. eygo

    Battery recommendations?

    quick sketch to illustrate how easy it is to get the wrong battery even though dimensionally it fits.