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  1. eygo

    EV hybrid

    the same happened to me today so i pressed the EV button to get into EV mode and then it was quite happy in EV
  2. here is an image of a hybrid fusebox
  3. eygo

    Tpms sensors

    if you want to have a 2nd set of wheels with sensors you can use carista to reprogram the sensors to the car here is a link for a short video showing how to do this
  4. eygo

    Child seats

    we have a 13 plate auris hybrid and with 2 child seats in place you wont be able to have anyone sitting in between them
  5. once your car has cooled down make sure to check your water level and top up if necessary with an antifreeze mix
  6. i think this will be the cheapest option for you at less than £100 delivered if its only the bumper thats been damaged you'll just have to fit it https://www.synetiq.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/rear-bumper-toyota-aygo-2014-on-x-play-tss-vvt-i-5-door-hatchback-white-11247920/-/176382/
  7. some times you can remove the cap from the end of the solenoid if this is possible you can then give the contacts in there a clean up if the contacts are corroded / pitted from use the power wont flow through as it should . you can test it off the car if you have a spare battery by connecting the body of the solenoid to the battery negative and the small connector being connected to the posiitve on the battery, you will then hear the solenoid engage at this point check across the 2 large battery terminals with a multimeter and check the resisitance you would want this close to zero, the lower the reading the better the connection with zero being optimum.
  8. check the battery connections are tight and clean and do the same for the 3 main earths battery - body battery - engine body - engine if these are all good you may have a lazy / tired starter motor and could possibly be in need of a new one you could remove it and give it a good clean,check the carbon brush length and give the commutator a polish up , you have to remember your car is 11 years old now and if its the original starter then you haven't done badly with it i have attached an exploded view of a starter motor with the parts all named for you
  9. you have a strange issue there malcolm make sure all power cables have been re connected in case there was a fly lead on the battery that hasn't been reconnected then check all of the fuses. the normal resetting after a battery disconnection is for the radio station presets, clock & the one touch windows up & down thats it.
  10. eygo

    Mirror wiring

    take your mirror off and trace the cables to each of the circuits
  11. hi denis and welcome to the forum i've just had a look on ebay and they are around the £50 mark for the part. i would try your local high street outlets for a price i.e. kwikfit halfords auto centre national tyres ats
  12. if you get anymore messages on the dash take a photo of them to show the dealership as your car always seem to be running right when you get to them for a quick check over
  13. if parts-king suggestion improves but its not quiet perfect then you could open up the mounting holes in the camera to give a little more adjustment
  14. eygo

    Airbag removal

    all three holes give access to the three spring clips that hold the airbag in place
  15. eygo


    when do Drl's turn on ...... we have a 2013 Auris Hybrid do they come on when the hybrid system is turned on or as the manual states the dril's come on when the hybrid system is on and when the handbrake has been released... she's adamant they always came on with ignition on and the handbrake applied now were are having heated talks as she is obviously correct and toyota is wrong i can only go with the manual as i dont drive the car and dont know when they do turn on. there doesnt seem to be any hard and fast rules regarding drl's as they can illuminate with ignition, with ignition on and handbrake off or on starting to move which applies to a 13 plate auris hybrid look forward to your replies