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  1. at just under £50 i would buy a new set in black rather than getting someone to wrap them for you, unless you feel you could wrap them yourself its not hard it just takes time and patience to do it. here is a link for some carbon fibre look wrapping film https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4D-Carbon-Fibre-Textured-Vinyl-Car-Wrap-Black-Air-Bubble-Free-750mm-x-600mm/273727054136?hash=item3fbb676138:g:edEAAOSwcgNccp8R
  2. eygo

    Eco map

    you have to remember you aren't using the extra power all of the time only when putting your foot down hard and that engines are tuned down by the manufacturer to make them reliable by getting a few more BHP out of the engine it wont be stressing the engine to the max, tunit give you an engine warranty between 1yr and 5yrs so this proves the tunit box isn't going to damage the engine and i personally never had an issue in 4 yrs of having the unit fitted here is a link for tunit https://www.tunit.co.uk/vehicles/view/model/2111
  3. eygo

    Eco map

    when i had an MGZR years ago i had a tunit tuning box fitted it was amazing totally tansformed the way the car drove i wouldn't say you will save fuel as you will use the extra power that is now available but you wont use anymore fuel. i wouldn't think twice about having a remap or a tuning box fitted.
  4. eygo

    Steering Rattle

    the Auris and maybe the Lexus Ct 11 plate onwards where this rattle is prominent the fix is a new Universal Joint on the steering column once these start to wear you can then hear the rattle and it will only get worse with time. if you hold the joint and turn the steering wheel you wil be able to feel any movement (wear) below is an image showing what a universal joint looks like
  5. these units reduce the amount of lag you get from the accelerator as long as its drive by wire and not with a cable connecting pedal - throttle body. 100% worth buying. https://www.diesel-performance.co.uk/tuning/car/toyota/auris-from-2006-to-2012/1-33-dual-vvti-nre150_-101ps74kw-1329-ccm/#go
  6. if you want a newer car and dont want the extra road tax then buy a car thats been registered before the 1st of April 2017
  7. normally the pulley on the aircon pump will continually rotate whether aircon is off or on, once it engages the compressor starts working ,if the pulley stops rotating the belt will prematurely wear out due to it rubbing on the pulley.
  8. do you think the dealer is trying to make a little extra money out of the repair as toyota pay a reduced hourly labour rate to the dealer for any warranty repairs.
  9. there are only a few components to a clutch ,friction plate,pressure plate,release bearing & a cable or slave cylinder. i'd of thought the pressure plate is to be changed under warranty as none of the other parts are in contact with the friction plate, if the pressure plate has failed and this has damaged the friction plate in any way then the whole clutch should be replaced under warranty.
  10. optiwhite my ***** they are as yellow as your car Stoycho . the image on the packaging is misleading as they show a headlight with a white light output i'd be asking about a refund , they definately aren't what i thought they would be like.
  11. eygo

    advice on tyre

    i've had a full set of cross climates and they where great during the winter & summer months sure footed at all times good grip dry & wet and very quiet. why have a set of winter & summer tyres when you can have just 1 set of tyres for all seasons that work really well in both seasons.
  12. eygo

    advice on tyre

    glenn here is a link for kwikfit for michelin cross climates i am presuming your tyre size is 225/4517 these tyres are £97 each fitted https://www.kwik-fit.com/tyres/search/details/michelin/michelin-crossclimate-plus/t1015382
  13. eygo

    advice on tyre

    have a look at the date stamp on the tyre ,its normally a 4 digit code like 2713 this means the 27th week of 2013,if you find its more than 5 years old i would go and replace asap due to the age of the rubber ,generally though if you cant see the cords / bracing of the tyre its normally deemed safe to use.
  14. eygo

    Aygo Subwoofer

    i take it it's been worth the effort to install the sub