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  1. eygo

    Aygo mk2 rev counter

    hi Sam yes thats the dash from the new shape Aygo
  2. eygo

    Stolen Keys - Toyota Aygo

    based on you saying you where skint i mentioned the deactivating the key as its the cheapest option and this would stop your car from being started as the key has the immobilser chip in it, if you want a 2nd hand set of locks with keys and the alarm ecu then budget for £300 - £350 then its a straight swap if you dont have the alarm ecu you would need the new keys programming to the car.
  3. eygo

    Stolen Keys - Toyota Aygo

    you will need the stolen key to be deactivated from the ecu so it cant be used in the future. sorry dont understand your quote at the top
  4. eygo

    help - burning smell!

    maybe a split / perished engine breather pipe and at high revs gasses are leaking out of the hoses and been drawn into the cabin via the cabin fan
  5. eygo

    MK2 rear light update

    ask the seller of the rear lights if they have the rear light wiring plug you could then solder it into the loom and either have both plugs or cut off the original connector then solder in the new one
  6. eygo

    Exhaust modification

    if the old back box has become blocked then condensation can build up inside the exhaust system with replacing some of the exhaust you may find that any condensation still present is now venting off as vapour / steam
  7. eygo

    Exhaust modification

    you may find that the exhaust is really wet inside due to your exhaust not breathing properly and it might be drying itself so this maybe the vapour your seeing just keep checking the coolant levels and see how it goes over the next few weeks
  8. eygo

    Auris annoying noise between 30-55 mph

    look at the ebay link for an image of what your looking for https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202362130745
  9. eygo

    Headlights - Main beam issue

    on my IS there is a button to turn on Auto Highbeam press this button 1st then push the high beam stalk to the on position auto high beam is now active as long as the headlights are turned on you'll be ok its a pain when you want to use the indicators as the stalk is further away
  10. eygo

    Windshield washer hose valve

    jon make sure you look for any arrowes showing the direction of flow otherwise its not going to work properly.
  11. eygo

    Very Poor Fuel Consumption

    i personally leave the aircon on all the time but if you dont want to have the aircon all the time you just need to watch the bottom of the windscreen and as soon as you see some misting put the aircon back on for a few seconds and you'll be all clear again. my top tip to help preventing misting in the morning is dont have a hot drink just before you leave as your hot breathe will cause misting
  12. eygo

    Very Poor Fuel Consumption

    if you want your windscreen to clear quickly then please do use the aircon set to windscreen and use recirc for the 1st few minutes with the fan speed set to high. Aircon removes moisture from the air this in turn provides dry air in the car hence the use of aircon for demisting the windscreen is recommended.
  13. eygo

    Instrument panel lighting problem

    if your car is under warranty quickly get back to johnsons and get it checked out and a claim made as you would only have until the end of the year if your out of warranty you could try this company for a quote http://www.clusterrepairsuk.co.uk/repairlist car transplants look like they will have a dashboard in stock soon https://www.car-transplants.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/2013-toyota-auris-hybrid-2012-to-2015-speedometer/1/44081/ you may want to have the milage adjusted to match your own milage this can be probaby be done at http://www.clusterrepairsuk.co.uk/repairlist
  14. eygo

    Near Side Door Switch

    it makes the car feel like its more complete rather than thinking theres loads missing
  15. eygo

    Windshield washer hose valve

    i would remove the valve and connect the supply pipe directly to the washer jets just to prove water is getting through if that works then get a replacement non return valve. you can get a straight connector from a local motor factors .