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  1. we have leds in our auris your vision is clearer but the distance doesn't change, with projector headlights having a shutter this sets the beam pattern and distance the light will travel , my own car is a lexus is300h with factory led headlights and although there is a nice bright white light on the road the distance isnt great probably no better than the auris you certainly wouldnt want to go around twisty country roads at night without having the high beam on
  2. just gently pry by the hinges the lens will unclip you can see a clear gap in the lens pry there
  3. whatever you do dont buy warm white make sure you buy cool white.
  4. eygo

    dash cam

    is there any way on a touch2 to view the footage from a dash cam via wifi
  5. it sounds to me like the fluid reservoir is the only part to be drained and thats why only 500ml has gone back in and hasn't dropped over the 1 week period.
  6. not a problem we are all glad to help others on here
  7. sorry i have never bought one you may find there is a filter on the pump that maybe blocked i have seen this on a ford many years ago in the washer bottle there as a black rubber insert / seal the pump is pushed into this built in to this part was a wire mesh fiter that needed cleaning the pump was working but couldn't pump any water due to the clogged filter.
  8. here are 2 pumps that maybe fitted to your car https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/401951485312 & https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121858158205 here is a link for jap parts there are exploded views of evrything just select your car variant use the model of VITZ instead of yaris https://jp-carparts.com/toyota/carlist.php?maker=toyota
  9. firstly i would remove the wheel arch liner to see what access you have to the pump you may find you have one pump that has 2 outlets 1 is for the rear windscreen the other for the front windscreen if this is the case then original pump is the way to go, how it works is there is a 1 way valve for each outlet when the pump spins clockwise you may have water to the front and when the pump spins anti clockwise the rear window gets the water in each direction the other outlet is blocked off.
  10. if my old memory serves me correctly i am sure there has been a post with someone taking apart the indicator switch to clean the contacts and tweak them slightly and this worked well.
  11. if i where to msg you personally i'd need to click on your letter F square then click on message to conact me you would click on the image of my car then on message
  12. welcome mason to the forum well you now have the time to get your car sorted out in time for passing your test you mentioned it had a few problems what are they ??? you will get some good advice from the forum to help you out.
  13. the indicator stalk / switch around the side of the steering column
  14. you wont have any error messages after changing to leds i think the canbus only monitors the external lights.
  15. this is the sort of helpful info needed on the forums