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  1. these people will probably have someone with them to help them complete the daily tasks and it wasnt this group of people i was aiming it at, its the other half wits the ones that deem it is soley your responsibility as a driver to keep them safe.
  2. i have sway warning on my lexus but its not great if your going straight ahead and dont turn the steering wheel you end up having a warning TAKE A BREAK appearing on the display it is something i can certainly live without and your not missing much
  3. i heard in America a sound generator if fitted as standard to electric / hybrid cars, and there where talks about a sound generator being fitted to new electric / hybrid cars in the uk aswell , at low speeds sounds are genersted through a speaker to let people know a car is nearby if only people took responsibility for there own actions and looked where they where going then nothing like this would be needed. what a nanny state we live in.
  4. carista can turn off the reverse beep and other dealer only customisations my carista app gets battered when i change cars auto speed locking , reverse beeps , seat belt beep and many more are all turned OFF
  5. your welcome this is what the club is for
  6. hi is this video of any help to you its for a corolla of the same year as your auris
  7. eygo


    going by my label the eco pressure is 12% higher than the normal pressure
  8. eygo

    spark plugs

    what make of spark plugs are fitted by toyota in an Auris hybrid 1.8 its on a 66 plate as i would like to change ours just so i know they have been changed as overdue plugs can put extra strain on the coil packs that can make them fail early. i dont want to go to bosch if ngk are the oem plugs
  9. obviously once the seat is fitted just make sure its rock solid and you will be fine.
  10. eygo


    today i have noticed the tyre pressure label on my car and it has an ECO pressure listed
  11. i would place the car seat on the back seat and then adjust the cars seat back until it comes into contact with the car seat at that point lock the seat back in place you know your child will be comfortable and be safe and secure when the seat belt is in place
  12. eygo


    i always put in 2.5bar / 35psi a couple of psi more than on the door post i do this because after a service we always used to find the centres had more tread than the outside edge so i deemed it necessary to increase the tyre pressure and now find the tyre wear has levelled out across the tyre
  13. i dont understand why this rule is in place i thought the whole point of having a forum is to help other owners so just because the required help is on another group you would then prefer the TOC member to struggle with their vehicle why does it matter where the info comes from as long as the info helps a member then thats should be all that matters.
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