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  1. depending on your point of view, a window close on locking feature may be deemed as being lazy ultimately most modern cars are making you lazy as they have so many convienience functions as std auto head light, auto wipers , voice activation, keyless entry, keyless start, welcome lights as you approach your car to name a few. in my car the drivers seat automatically moves backward and the steering wheel moves up & away just to make it easier for you to get in and out of the car.
  2. the silver remote has a cover that slides up to hide the buttons so accidental presses wont happen
  3. the older style of headlight the beam is higher on the kerbside so when you drive on the opposite side of the road you can blind oncoming traffic with the flat beam style the beam is flat and wont blind oncoming traffic here are a couple of images showing the flatbeam style and the old style.
  4. here are some links for you the first link is for a door popper kit and the second link is for a 12v remote best of all its about £26 for all you need. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Electric-boot-trunk-release-Door-Popper-KIT-EBRK01/171154219894?hash=item27d9962376:g:~igAAOSwridaBuEI https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wireless-Remote-Control-Switch-DC-12V-433MHz-Transmitter-with-Receiver-AO/312706827359?hash=item48cec7845f:m:mAQVkWwZLZjPqgu2Yfff4ag
  5. i also thought that led / hid upgrades where not road legal as the headlight had only been tested using the std bulb
  6. eygo

    Toyota coolant

    i have found this info for you What kind of coolant does Toyota use? Toyota's coolant is pink/orange..not red, not green. The main ingredient in Toyota's coolant is actually ethylene glycol, but with additives and no silicates, best for an aluminum radiator and heads/block
  7. we had our 13 plate auris headlights changed due to the recall you wont see any better light coverage distance wise with the new version but at least you will have new headlights without it costing you anything.
  8. TRD make a kit for the auris just search for trd auris body kit trd stands for toyota racing developemnt
  9. 5% is really dark, i have had 5% in the past and at night reversing is quiet difficult you have to check and double check before you start moving. the % is the amount of light that can pass through so a 5% tint lets 5% of the light through therefore 15% isnt as dark
  10. on my previous lexus IS300h i had CC's fitted after approx 18000 miles they where approaching half worn would buy them again without thinking twice. quiet & grippy tyre no rear end being tail happy.
  11. there is a fuse box under the bonnet that has a fuse for the horn Fuses engine compt.77-78.pdf
  12. here is a link for a folding mirror module. this only works if you have power folding mirror to start with this adds on the auto folding function. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UK-Car-Auto-Folding-Side-Rear-View-Mirror-Closer-System-Modules-For-All-Car/312646676651?hash=item48cb31b0ab:g:a7EAAOSwrdlcf729
  13. oil will fluoresce just like the dye in the aircon system i would get a degreasing spray and remove all traces of oil then recheck for any aircon leaks. you dont want to be wasting your time & money for no reason.
  14. since 2013 we have owned 4 hybrids 1x toyota & 3 x lexus the buzzing / creaking noise only happened after first turning on the system. the buzzing sound i have had came from the motors that controlled the temperature after the ventillation unit had been replaced it was back to being silent. attached is a video with the sound i use to hear starting_up_with_creek.mp4
  15. from what i can make out it doesn't go by car but by the gap you require to fill i've watched a video and the assister is flexible and then cable tied to the coil spring to stop it moving, when you used the link i gave you you'll notice you dont fill in your car details it just lists the width of gap here is another link it shows you how to calculate the size of assister needed https://www.maypole.ltd.uk/Leisure/Leisure-Grayston-Spring-Assisters/ge13-grayston-spring-assister