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  1. eygo

    Wheely need help on this

    i've had this on my lexus so i personally think its something to be expected with the toyota / lexus brand luckily i had a set of spare wheel nuts for my car so i swapped it over, i would go to toyota and order the qty of nuts you need. i think wheel nuts are around £8 each
  2. eygo

    Replacement for factory tweeters?

    here is a wiring diagram for a 6 speaker audio system i know its from a ct but the ct had the same wiring format. i think the speakers are wired in series so 2 wires go in and 2 wires come out to the next speaker. have to agree with you its a bit strange the setup.
  3. eygo

    Replacement for factory tweeters?

    if you dont need the original speakers again then i would remove the oem tweeter from the housing and fit your new tweeters in the old housing with the springs
  4. eygo

    Rear speakers are very quiet

    Hi Niels yes thats the way it is quiet in the rear and louder in the front this seems to be across all manufacturers i tend to move the fader towards the rear until i can just hear the rear speakers when sitting in the front i feel it gives a nicer sound.
  5. my advice would be to wait until the weather gets warmer pressure wash the underside of the car then leave it a week before any treatments are carried out this will ensure the underside of the car is dry before you do any sealing as you dont want to seal in any moisture.
  6. if you live by the sea your car can be in contact with salt water for all of its life being splashed by waves coming over break waters through standing water on the road and also from the air .
  7. eygo

    Door panel removal front and rear

    from the images i've seen of the 2016 model removal looks the same as the 2013 model in the interior door handle flick open the screw cover and remove screw lift up the door arm rest pad and remove then remove screw lift up and remove window switch panel & disconnect wiring plug from the bottom edge of door panel gently pull outwards and unclip the door panel clips all round on 3 sides lift door panel up and lift away from car by a few inches on rear of the door panel there are 2 cables 1 to unlock / lock & 1 to open door move the green & white fixing away from door panel and unclip the cable . re fit in reverse 5 minutes work to remove
  8. eygo

    rear passenger window

    came home from work today and told by other half the r/n/s window sounded really rough i stripped the door down thinking i would see some teeth missing / worn on the regulator or loose mounting bolts for the regulator , unfortunately i didnt see either the motor was also tight, i decided to put a little grease on the regulator teeth and also in the window guide rail where the regulator wheel moves this has now stopped the noise and made opening the window nice and smooth again, i never thought it would of been a lubrication issue although i'm not moaning it cost nothing to fix.
  9. eygo

    measuring tire pressure

    at work i have to get the pressure gauges calibrated, the calibration isnt what you'd think. a machine is used to apply pressure to a gauge then the needle is removed and replaced to read the correct pressure as this is the only way to change the way the needle reads, inside there is a copper pressure pipe that expands when pressurized this in turn move the needle.
  10. eygo

    measuring tire pressure

    i'm sure i've heard that you have to loose 10% of tyre pressure before the tpms light comes on.
  11. eygo

    measuring tire pressure

    i'd go and buy a digital tyre pressure gauge dial pressure gauges are never that accurate even when new they are for indication purposes to buy a calibrated gauge would cost more than the pump.
  12. niels are the optiwhite bulbs any good i know they are 60% brighter but with the headlights being so awful does the +60% make the headlights just acceptable or are they now good and can be used as toyota intended as headlights.
  13. eygo

    Carista unit.

    i had a paramedic roll back into me (is300h) it gave me some airbag fault codes carista cleared these for me also
  14. eygo

    Carista unit.

    follow the link it will give you a sample of what can be done https://caristaapp.com/vehicles/toyota/auris/2nd-gen i have reset hybrid errors with carista
  15. if the beep is annoying you sooo much then for your sanity its worth it.
  16. it does so much more than that and its not just for toyota the app works with all the major car manufacturers. just as a matter of interest how much would your toyota dealership charge you for connecting your car to its diagnostic software to change the setting more than 40$ i'm sure so if you look at it from this angle then the price isn't too bad , i think i paid 25$ / £19.99 for the lifetime subscription back then.
  17. you do now, luckily for me i paid a one off fee for lifetime subscription this was a few years ago though.
  18. here is a screen shot from carista for my car:-
  19. i have disabled the seat belt beep beep sound using carista you can disable individual seatbelt warnings although i have kept the rear ones enabled with having children. no warning lights flashing and no sound 😀 its most annoying if you place something on the seat i.e. bag of shopping for the car to be bleeping at you after all its a reminder to make sure you buckle up nothing more nothing less.
  20. eygo

    ride quality

    vibration through the floor is from the rear wheels have the rear wheels balanced at the same time they will check the condition of the tyres
  21. eygo

    Find Me An Auris Hybrid!

    we had the foc headlight upgrade 2 years ago very little difference. if toyota had led headlights fitted on the excel models i would retro fit these in place of the rubbish fitted as standard i am seriously thinking of fitting hids even though deep down i am against them being retro fitted but kath needs to be able to see where she is going, obviously the earlier you can see hazards the earlier you can react and avoid them.
  22. eygo

    Find Me An Auris Hybrid!

    Yes hir2 bulbs for the mk2 auris not many options for upgrading so were all stuck with the output of a candle.
  23. eygo

    help - burning smell!

    as said check the tyre pressures and see what they are now
  24. eygo

    New Aygo, First Impressions/Questions...

    if your going to stop for a while then put the gearbox into N if you stop in gear and keep the brake pressed your will wear the clutch quickly as this is the same as stopping in a manual and keeping your foot on the clutch pedal. besides this just drive the car as you would any other