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  1. i bought my partner a jazz ima a few years ago and she loved the car she prefers the Auris she now has though
  2. steve i have used a part of this price range in our Auris 2 years ago and we havent had any issues with it, dont forget it is only a momentary switch nothing special
  3. its definately the dealers not having the knowledge when i purchased my Lexus Ct lexus liverpool told me theres no chance as you would have to buy so many parts to complete the upgrade it wouldn't be worth doing, yet Lexus chester knew its a case of adding a switch so knowledge is key.
  4. i'm not surprised with the answer from them this is the worst thing about dealerships being independant if they where owned by Toyota / Lexus all dealerships would have the knowledge regarding retro fitting this switch to have a working CC system
  5. Hi steve here is a link for you and its £11.99 inc p&p https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Turn-Signal-Cruise-Control-Switch-For-TOYOTA-RAV4-Yaris-Camry-Prius-8463234011/183240356995?epid=8019841116&hash=item2aa9f9f483:g:g~YAAOSwNSZbBqSN
  6. Hi Steve dont be surprised if the dealership say's it cant be done the other option is to ask them to fit the switch & 2 screws i'm sure they wont mind giving you a price and taking your money for the work.
  7. is the boot size of any importance to your mother you probably wont get a decent size suitcase in the boot of the aygo as it is really small you maybe be better off having a look and have a test drive of an aygo before making any decision
  8. i thought with having flat beams you didn't need the beam convertors
  9. you dont get anymore HP from the car with the pedal box it just makes the car more driveable, once you turn it off the car feels dead and you wonder how you ever managed without. the pedalbox has 4 modes ,city,sport, sport+ & stock and each mode has 7 settings(except stock) from the middle setting you can go up & down 3 increments there is a function called perfect tune and this tunes the pedalbox to the accelerator pedal personally i leave it in sport+ and +3
  10. hi chris this will improve the throttle response to the point it will feel like a different car https://www.diesel-performance.co.uk/tuning/car/toyota/auris-from-2006-to-2012/1-4-zze150_-97ps71kw-1398-ccm/#go this company supplies parts for petrols as well i have used one of these on my car and its fab
  11. couldn't you px your old car against the new car then you wouldn't have to pay out its only if you hand the car back you have to pay for any damage
  12. if they are clip on weights there maybe some missing although imo you should never use clip ons on alloys as they ruin the lacquer and cause the paint to crack and chip off.
  13. jack the car up and spin the wheels have a look at the tread and see if the tyre is running true the attached video is for checking for a bent rim but if you used the same method and placed the piece of wood in front of the tyre you would see how true the tyre is
  14. dont pay for it , the car is under warranty if it fails and damages the engine its your dealers problem as the engine damage would be a consequence of the pump failing ,you've mentioned it you cant be monitoring it all the time. when we had our 09 plate aygo it went in for the water leaking rear lights and they noticed the water pump had a slight weep and they just changed it , the first we knew was when we collected it all under warranty . our dealership is Johnsons toyota Wallasey and overall they are great.
  15. i'm sure the water pump will be covered under warranty, like others have said get it looked at sooner rather than later, the original mk1 aygo had their water pumps warranty extended to 5 years as there where issues with them so i cant see why the mk2 aygo would have a shorter warranty. since there is a weep then something has started to fail and this should be covered you shouldn't have to wait for total failure before something is done for you. get back to your dealer.
  16. here is a link for a fascia panel & head unit for the 2007 aygo https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322445538060
  17. eygo

    Rear light wires

    look at the passenger side rear light wiring plug i would of thought the colour coded wiring in the plug would be in the same order, the other option would be to locate the earth wire and fit this wire in the plug then turn a light on and find the wire with power on then put in the plug in different positions untill the correct light is illuminated keep going until all wires have a home . you will know which pin is the earth as all lights will be connected to this position in the plug. i hope this helps you
  18. i had something like this years ago i slackened off the lower suspension arm bolts and silicon sprayed in the gap i done this all round and also on the anti roll bar bushes nothing was worn just dry this stopped the creaking for me, it was really annoying as everyday i had to go over a set of speed bumps to get to work and listen to the creaking sound daily.
  19. if the verso needed a service before you collected the car the toyota dealership should of carried out the service for you, what you need to know is if the toyota warranty is still valid since it seems the first service hasnt been carried out.
  20. Hi phil here is a company that can fit a sunroof for you they are on the dock road in birkenhead http://www.carandmarineconnection.co.uk/
  21. i agree with mike by reducing the reacting time this could save a lot of rear end incidents why cant the car makers use this type of bulb as standard as it probably wouldn't cost anymore than a std bulb for them with the qty purchased or just go the led route with a virtually instant response. manufacturers have safety systems fitted to your car to keep you safe in an accident why not try and prevent the accident to start with by fitting better lights thus giving advanced warning to other road users behind you , prevention is always better than the fix
  22. Hi Colin i didnt realise you had a rant so it wasnt taken personally luckily i have rhino skin and dont take things personally if i did at work i'd be on diazepam or prozac for life
  23. its the same wattage bulb for your rear fog lights and you know how bright they are when someone leaves them on.
  24. it doesnt look like a deep mark in the paintwork it looks like its on the surface i use meguairs products here is a link for the cutting compound i use https://www.meguiars.co.uk/shop/ultimate-compound this compound or an equivilant should work for you and remove the blemish.
  25. here is a company breaking an auris hybrid give them a try they may have a battery for you i know the link is for the invertor but you will have the contact number and car ref number https://www.car-transplants.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/toyota-auris-hybrid-2010-to-2012-high-voltage-inverter-cooling/1/149494