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  1. to get a speeding ticket you have to be doing more than 10% of the speed limit + 2mph so in a 30mph you would be ok up to 35mph. once i knocked on the door of a speed detector van parked across the road from me and asked him if it where 10% + 2mph he said he couldn't tell me but told me he will set the camera at 35mph.
  2. eygo

    Aygo alternator

    i've known people to use the dishwasher as a parts cleaner in the past they said it was brilliant, again only when the mrs's is out for the day
  3. you cut a hole in your mat and place the 2 round halves one on each side then press together to secure, then fit the lower half with the pin in the carpet making sure the pin points to the front of the car fitting in this direction prevents the mat from moving when fitted it looks oem
  4. here is a link for some car mat clips i have used in the past https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Mat-Carpet-Clips-Fixing-Grips-Clamps-Floor-Holders-Sleeves-Premium-Black/382550288440?hash=item5911c62838:m:mVvDT8hMvbprwqlljAwHciQ once fitted the mats are removed like oem mats fitting will take you less than 10 minutes
  5. couldn't you fit a seperate on off switch instead of using the handbrake switch this way the display could be used
  6. the handbrake switch normally earth out the wire on an old kenwood tv system i had i soldered the handbrake wire from the head unit to the main headunit earth wire so i could have the screen on my son used to use his playstation on it when we went out, he was good as gold in the car. i know someone will say " you cant do that" so i thought i would say it first
  7. a golf in the state is called Rabbit and there is the rabbit gti https://newsroom.vw.com/company/history/welcome-back-rabbit/
  8. its still a boring name for a car, its not a name that a younger person will aspire to drive car company's need to attract buyers of all age groups. i feel the Auris is a better name
  9. the rear end reminds me of the latest Aygo's front end rounded and protruding the angular dashboard comes out at the top then tapers off and the screen that just sits on the dashboard it looks like an after thought i do prefer the intergrated look i.e. it looks like its supposed to be there the boot opening looks narrower as well and then there's the 35 year old name Corolla it stil sounds old,dated and for the older person, Auris to me seems more modern and youthful each to their own though
  10. Johnsons wirral johnsons have a toyota dealership in liverpool as well
  11. i took our Auris in on saturday for the power managment software update within 70 minutes i had handed the keys over had the update ,wash & vac and arrived back at home , great not to be hanging round the dealership, whilst there i looked at the Corolla i must say i dont like it.
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    my neighbour works at the Astra plant in Ellesmere port in maintenance and since PSA have taken over their moto is to get the cars out of the door we'll deal with any issues later. its all about money / sales, forget about making a quality product.
  13. if the car has a direct tpms fitted have alook at the tyre valves as they have a nut on the rim holding the sensor in place.
  14. my only thought now would possibly be an air suspension kit since you can raise and lower with these kits https://www.airliftperformance.com/product-lines/performance-air-suspension/
  15. here is a screen shot from euro car parts with the parts you need listed. if you apply the discount code the price may come down more
  16. i've used pagid brake disc's & pads in the past for our aygo from eurocar parts , pagid supply oem's so you know they will be of a good quality.
  17. talc is also good for checking for leaks. as the talc will be washed away with any drips of water
  18. i have heard of people using household moisture traps in their car if they couldn't find any leaks to help remove excess moisture. https://www.lakeland.co.uk/24627/Lakeland-Non-Spill-Moisture-Trap?gclid=CjwKCAjwhbHlBRAMEiwAoDA344x8GvWowujChMlkx50vRkFrjjVDkOTJsqWTNeJ2xBtszBc65K7YpxoCxocQAvD_BwE&src=gfeed&efid=CjwKCAjwhbHlBRAMEiwAoDA344x8GvWowujChMlkx50vRkFrjjVDkOTJsqWTNeJ2xBtszBc65K7YpxoCxocQAvD_BwE:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!49!3!105382676909!!!g!43864967885!&ev_chn=shop&ef_id=CjwKCAjwhbHlBRAMEiwAoDA344x8GvWowujChMlkx50vRkFrjjVDkOTJsqWTNeJ2xBtszBc65K7YpxoCxocQAvD_BwE:G:s
  19. if you find the keyless ignition isnt working due to a low battery place the toyota emblem on the key against the start button , whilst holding the key on the button press the button to start the car.
  20. i'm not sure if it where in the CT or my IS i had a warning appear on the dash telling me the key batteries where getting low, this seems to tally with steve's reply.
  21. have you thought of speaking to a mobility centre i'm sure they will have come across an issue like this before and have a solution for you that can be retro fitted.
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    i've booked the car in for the 1st saturday in may and they are only open for 4 hours
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    our car's booked in for the power management software update apparently it takes about 90 minutes to complete the update.
  24. i have been told never to use sealing compounds before a catalytic convertor as the compund can damage the convertor if any excess broke free and fell inside.
  25. eygo

    Turbo charger?

    you could try a tuning box for a bit more umph or a pedal box to increase the throttle response https://www.diesel-performance.co.uk/tuning/car/toyota/auris-from-2012-onwards/1-6-zre181_-zre185_-132ps97kw-1598-ccm/#go