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  1. Hi all. I don't want this to get lost in the for sale section so have posted it in here. Apologies if it has to be moved. This is an absolute bargain. My family circumstances have changed recently and I need to raise some cash. I am absolutely gutted but needs must. I thought I'd stick it on here first for a while as I genuinely don't want a 2008 SR180 for £4500 seen on eBay. It is perfect mechanically. The interior is lovely and clean. It was last serviced by Toyota on 50,000 miles (all Toyota up to then). I serviced it at 60,000 miles but just oil and filters as I was planning on a one at Toyota, one home serviced regime. It's just gone past 65000 today on the way to work. I don't think it needs a Toyota service every year @10,000 miles. I drive like a Grandad. Having cleaned the EGR valve about a month ago it wasn't hardly dirty and would have lasted for another year before really needing to be cleaned. It pulls like a train and everything works perfectly. Unfortunately a couple of weeks back I reversed at around 4mph in to a post protecting a petrol station sign and the resulting dent can be seen in the pics. The bumper is just scuffed and covered in white paint from the post and isn't dented although the reflection in the pics make it look that way. The rearmost edge of the wing has a depression about 4mm deep and about 2.5cm x 10cm long. There is no deformation anywhere else on the wing. I have been quoted £350 to repair it by an Aviva approved repair garage. It really is only a small repair, it just looks worse. MOT is 8 months and tax is about 4. I am the second owner and have had the car just over a year. I paid a lot more for it. It was a cash sale and it is HPI clear. It's just had two new rear Kumho Ecsta tyres put on also. I am in Newmarket Suffolk. Genuine sale and info all above is true. It's a lovely car with no problems. I had just given the car a quick wash before taking the pics. The wheels have no curbing but are grubby but will clean up perfect given a scrub. If you are thinking about getting an Auris and want a bargain just give me a call, Allan on 07827920811 or PM me on here. I won't take less than £4500 for it. If you think you will be coming and chipping me on the price then save yourself the time and effort. Don't message me any offers, they will be ignored. Look at the prices of these and you'll see there is a shed load of profit left in this car even after having the dink repaired. You could keep it for two years and still recoup your outlay I reckon. If it doesn't sell at £4500 I will just keep it. 1 1 1 1 1 1
  2. I had an Audi with cruise control that had vacuum pipes going to the top of the clutch pedal to allow it to disengage when the clutch pedal was used. Don't know if it's the same type of system but the Audi ones can leak. Maybe it vents when ignition is turned off??
  3. Frosch

    Fuel Filler.

    That's exactly how I did it last night. Problem solved.
  4. Frosch

    Fuel Filler.

    Every time I drive across to Germany, on the way back to the tunnel I fill up the car and a jerry can purely in case I run out of fuel on the way home. I had a Laguna that I had no trouble with but my Auris appears to want to cause me problems.
  5. Frosch

    Fuel Filler.

    I tried to feed the contents of my metal 20 litre jerry can into my SR180 today and succeded in regularly splooshing a shed load down the wing onto the tyre and surrounding tarmac. After about 20 minutes and only after probably getting approx 7 litres in the tank and 3 litres down the side of the car I had to call it a day as it was causing such a mess and my arms were aching like mad. I've checked the jerry can and there's no blockage in the nozzle, nor in the breather tube. Do I just have to ram the nozzle further into the hole? Is that it? I never had this grief when using it on previous cars. Anyone else get the same problem or am I just being a dork?
  6. Thanks for the answers guys. I'll point them in that direction. Thanks all.
  7. My SR180 goes back to the dealer this coming week because I'm certain I can hear a very slight rythmic hum from somewhere on the rear of the car. I've had this before when it's been either wheel bearings (but that normally increases in intensity when turning one particular way) or a dodgy tyre. Mine are Dunlop Sport Pilots and I don't expect any trouble from them. The ones that made the same noise albeit louder were some really really really really cheap Chinese brand fitted to a pool car at work. Kung Pao or something This hum increases with road speed although at present it is quite faint. I'm going to be driving into Germany in under a month's time with one of my daughters sitting in the back seats and I'm pretty certain this is going to P her off big time if I don't get it resolved. Anybody had anything similar?
  8. I've had a few hot/ish petrol cars before. In 2004 I bought a new Leon Cupra R, I've had a Subaru Legacy B4RSK twin turbo, a 2.8v6 4motion Golf and various diesels along the way. As a clue to how old I am my first car was a Mk1 Escort 1300xl, my second a Fiat 131 2.0 Supermirafiore Sport in orange and black. It's safe to say that my need for speed has long since diminished but I love the torque that a decent diesel provides (or a 1000cc v-twin in a bike). I am chuffed to bits with my new purchase as it drives like a brand new car and looks like a brand new car. Having driven around in a Renault Laguna 2.0 dci for the last two years it was time I treated myself. I can't imagine wanting any other car for a very long time as long as this one stays reliable. One question/statement: What's with the stupid tickover issues? Has anyone resolved the fluctuating from 800rpm to 1200? Searching through here brings up a few theories but I'm not certain they're correct. Mine rises and falls quite deliberately completely independant of fan speed, heater temp, aircon usage or not, engine temp or repeated combinations of some of them. As Toyah Wilcox (age clue again) sang: "It'th a mythtery."
  9. Thanks Daveyonthemove and P34RC3. I do like the colour and it's in great condition too. I'm enjoying the drive, the car, and love how it looks sporty ish without overdoing it. "Lack of confidence in the corners"? I'll let you know when the weather gets a bit better. In for two recalls next Wednesday; window switch and rear suspension arm then to Germany next month for a "run to the snow." I should be better placed to comment on it after then.
  10. Picked my SR180 up today and it was showing 17.5 ave mpg. After a leisurely drive back home in the snow I've managed to get it to ave 40.2 mpg. When I test drove it last week it seemed so sluggish and wouldn't have pulled the skin off the proverbial rice pudding so I asked them to clean out the EGR valve before I collected it and the expected performance is now in full effect.
  11. Welcome to the Toyota forums Frosch :)