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  1. Man that is pretty awesome , Dad had one of these cars back in the day I think maybe you should put some Toyota alloys on? Like maybe 15's? Good read, good job
  2. Hi all, bought a new corolla the other day, 1.4 Y reg, good car and real quiet too. I just want to make my car look neat, and I want to replace one of the alloys cap (as one is missing), which I don't know where to start looking from! Looked on ebay/went to a local breaker place. It came with the car and it was one owner from new from an old couple, so I doubt they'd modify things but who knows :o It looks like this, any idea what theyre called or anywhere to get them from? Thanks! EDIT: A picture of the actual alloys too :
  3. Sparks were changed a few days ago and the air filter i just gave a clean as it looked pretty clean EDIT: The technician I took it to did a live reading of the 02 filters, and he said the pre cat one is a bit slow compared to the post cat/normal
  4. Hi, so I have a corolla 1.6 e11? I think, the 5 door one, and when I try to accelerate its slow and once it reaches 2000rpm it seems like it loses power/jerks then it suddenly all comes at once, It does have an engine management light, p0171, system too lean bank 1, which I think it comes up as a 02 sensor on the diagnostic machines, are these 2 problems related? And if not how would I go about sorting the first problem out
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums Delta38 :)

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