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  1. I'm not sure what has happened but now the fuel pump no longer functions with the opening of the air door manually. It does still work if I operate the OCR contact manually..if and when I find out what and how the fuel pump works for exactly the same preliminary time when I turn the key to the on position will my problem remain a mystery. Oh the wiring diagrams you sent and test proceedures where close enough for me to apply them to my 2se based on wire color and location. Thank you so much. I'm determined to repair this problem because I Celica because I can
  2. Went through fig.19 and went through the individual tests for the efi main and engine main relays. All within spec. Both B+ and B1+ drop to 9 when cranking. Or eo1 to no.10 and eo2 to no.20 drop to 9v. Can't remember will test again today. Long week daughter sick. TESTED INJECTOR CONNECTORS TEST PROBE LIGHT ON both wires on each connector. Reverse polarity and light blinks on only one wire per connector. ISNT LIGHT SUPPOSE TO ONLY ILLUMINATE on one wire with key on? My engine is a 2se BTW.
  3. When I crank it the OCR energizes and the fuel pump runs. I check the voltages at the ecu as per the info you posted pertaining to troublecode 11. All within spec that is I could only check items that call for IGN ON or crankingx. All within spec. Engine is GE. If motor has spark and starting fluid or petrol is forced into the intake. The motor will attempt to fire be it EFI or Carb right? Have not checked voltage at injectfors BUT have replaced EFI MAIN ENGINE MAIN STARTER AND OC RELAYS. Replaced all fuses and fuselinks. I still don't know what causes under normal operating conditions the fuel pump to run 3 sec.at initial key to on position.
  4. Because that. Isn't. Happening. Update I have spark so I sprayed starting fluid directly into the intake and it doesn't even try to start. Any ideas?
  5. When I turn the key to the on position what relay energizes and causes the fuel pump to run for 3 seconds?
  6. Yes I have taken a look thank you so much I'm starting to understand more and more. A contacted my Mum and she thinks my Dad had an issue with the switch early on and replaced it at about 60k it only has 86k on it but I counted that I start my car on average 30-40 times a day.
  7. Jumpered service connector and observed code 11. I think I have an ignition switch problem. Have to find known good or new replacement tomorrow. Hope that's the problem.
  8. Ok the problem started last week I started it up and pull it into my garage to change the oil. I shut it off to move my daughters bike. Got back in it and turned the key and only for lights. Tried a couple more times and finally started. Skipped changing oil and hit the road. Got to my destination. Try to start only lights and NO fuel pump. Today I took the start switch from the column and turned it with a screw driver. The switch turned so far that it went passed the start position to a dead spot. Could my problem be a bad start switch?
  9. My name isn't Gary I don't drink and dinner would be for whomever. Shows up. I have a test light and a dvm. I just don't have knowledge. Turn key to on and cel comes on and stays on. I have spark and fuel pressure. Can't hear injectors because it isn't running.
  10. 97 views to my problem and only Karma Supra has taken the time to assist me? Thank you so far for your time and effort Karma Supra.. When we get this thing running again my GPS will need some info from you The rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Humh. I never...
  11. I jumpered the diagnostic connector and no code observed. The injectors are way down below the plenum and I cannot hear them clicking over the cranking of the starter. I checked all the fuses and all are good. At initial key on the check engine light does come on and then goes out. I have fuel. Pressure and spark will pull spark plugs after a hot shower. Not giving up.
  12. when i crank the engine the open circuit relay closes and fuel pump operates and i get fuel pressure to the fuel rail. But if I just turn the key to the on position, I no longer hear the familiar 3 seconds of fuel pump operation that pressurizes the fuel rail. I found a shop manual for the 3se online but I am limited to using my phone to view it due to the fact that I am remote and stuck away from my home computer. I am getting spark and fuel pressure to the fuel rail when cranking the engine. but it will not fire. could the problem be in the injector circuit? I wish I knew the flow chart of the power through the efi circuit from key switch to engine running. I hope someone has the answer before I spend all my money on this hotel room and dont have enough to cook somebody dinner. Just kidding, I can always come up with something out of nothing. Its magic...Just like the time I turned a nice prime rib into a ball of flame.
  13. Problem with Pumps Not the shoes !!! My 86 celica has problem. When I turn key I no longer hear fuel pump prestart activity. EFI relay and main relay click when key is turned on. Moved MAF door and when opened by hand fuel pump operates. Checked Open Circuit relay and if I close the contact inside the relay with key on pump will operate. Also jumped service connector Fp to Bat and pump operates. Put everything back to normal operating condition and turn key to on and no fuel pump. Turn to start and engine just cranks will not fire but has spark at plugs. Help please and I'll cook you dinner.
  14. Welcome to the Toyota forums CelicauseIcan :)

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