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  1. Doh, here you go https://photos.app.goo.gl/Mh8mXisWf4JU6Wbp9 No issues when driving. Rough idling after I had disconnected battery for a while but I guess that's the ECU re-learning it's tolerances again. Ahh yes, sounds bang on like this. Thanks. And apologies for my not searching.
  2. Hi all, I posted about this problem a couple of years ago but before there was a chance to resolve, the issue resolved itself after a couple of days. Now however it's back and it's been back for more than a few days. For some strange reason, when I remove the key from the ignition on a Mk2 1.33 Yaris, the dashboard stays lit up. First the dash lights will stay on constantly even though I've removed the key and locked up the car. After a while, the lights will start switching off and on again like they're on a boot loop cycle. Not quite sure what it can be other than a faulty igniti
  3. Battery terminals are clean just like OPs (sulfuric acid build up is on the clamp). I don't think car battery has been changed from new, its a 11 plate mk2 with start/stop and 60k on the clock. Key fob battery was changed a couple of year ago. Only have the one key to try. The key LED doesnt show signs of a weak battery and the lock button seems to be able to lock/double lock the car fine. It's just the unlocking, key LED lights up to show signal is being sent out but car doesn't react. Hoping to get battery tested over the weekend and take it from there.
  4. Out of interest, can this be the cause of any startup issues? I've noticed the same on my battery (battery from new, car now has 60k and is 11 plate) but have always left it. Now in the colder periods, I've noticed that the car doesn't unlock with the remote anymore and I have to use the key in driver's door. The passenger door locks do some half-assed attempt at opening when I press the unlock button in driver's door, but they don't fully unlock unless ignition is on. Once it's started, everything is fine.
  5. Ohh ffs, can't believe I overlooked that one. That's exactly what it was. Cheers.😂😂
  6. Hi all, I noticed last week that the N/S power window stopped operating on either switches (thankfully in closed position). O/S window works fine and there is no noticeable noise when pressing either switch for the N/S window. I suspect it's the motor but are there any other checks i should be doing before taking the door panel off? Secondly, can I replace just the motor itself or does the whole regulator need replacing? Local dealer said the motor isn't separable but they've been known to bs me in the past.
  7. Hi, Just a quick one. My mkii Yaris is up for a service soon (version with start/stop). The handbook has 0w-30 as the preferred engine oil but then also lists a few other grades too, and recommends 0w-30 for every other oil change. I've been using Toyota oil 5w30 for the past 3 years I've had the car but was thinking of doing 0w-30 for this service. As my luck would have it, I've seen a really good offer on 5w30 Castrol Magnatec Stop Start A5 (Fully synthetic). Is there much difference between the two? The castrol is going very cheap.
  8. Hi Roger, Do you have any updates for us on this? I have the same car and it would be useful to know this for when the battery needs replacing.
  9. FM transmitter would be better than a wire in this situation IMO. I seriously doubt you'll notice any degradation in quality compared to a cable and you won't have a wire dangling around.
  10. Could it be a battery issue? When the car is starting for the first time, all the electronics are off so effectively all battery power is directed to the start up. When on start/stop, the electronics in the car are on continuously so less power to the start up? I was having similar issues on mine a few weeks ago (but mine was also playing up on cold starts) and identified the battery to be the cause.
  11. Awesome. One less thing to worry about as mine approaches 60k.
  12. Do all the vvti mkii yaris have a timing chain?
  13. 2nd gen is the one on this video. He was able to do it without taking the headlamp out but i struggled. He shows you where all the bolts are anyway so you're free to try either method.
  14. I had to remove the whole headlamp in order to get the rubber boot and clips back on properly, and the only way to remove the headlamp is to partially remove the bumper.
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