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  1. It's interesting how this is affecting some people/cars. We ended up getting our money back on the car, but I do miss it. It'd be more than mildly irritating if it turned out to be a bit of non-issue.
  2. The videos don't show it up too well at all, but the smoke absolutely had a strong blue colour to it. Thanks for the details of the TSB... very interesting reading! Gug - I'd be interested to know if the warmer weather that's now fast approaching (it's been lovely here (West Yorkshire) over the past day or two) improves things at all for you. Seggy - I feel your pain... As I mentioned earlier, we got our money back and have since bought a different car (Volvo XC90 - Seven seats a must!), but we're really missing the Corolla Verso, it's a much better car for us but 12 weeks of extreme inconven
  3. Seggy, thanks for your input - it's somewhat comforting to know that we're not alone and that it does at least seem to be recognised as a genuine issue - the dealer tried to explain it away as just a "normal" amount of smoke expelled when you accelerate driving a diesel... of course when he'd eventually witnessed the smoke for himself it wasn't anywhere near as bad as it sometimes was, but even with the amount of smoke he saw it definitely wasn't normal! Alas, they did agree to give us a full refund, so we took that option gave the car back and are now seeking a replacement. I wish you the bes
  4. Hey people, I really need some help. 12 weeks ago, almost to the day, we bought a 2007 Corolla Verso 2.2 D4-D T180 with circa 95,000 miles on the clock. A few days later, whilst sat in traffic I noticed it was kicking out a small amount of slightly blue smoke... over the days that followed and although intermittent the smoke appeared more frequently. The final straw was when travelling up a slight incline in 3rd gear approaching 30mph, the cars behind were almost completely obscured by the amount of smoke. The dealer (not a main dealer) took the car back off us. They allegedly took it to a mai
  5. Hey guys... looking for an update to this thread in terms of how everyone went on and whether a confirmed cause was established and (perhaps more importantly) a solution. I've just recently (beginning of this month) bought a 2007 Corolla Verso T180 with around 95k miles on the clock. It intermittently spews out a fair bit of smoke (the wife and I disagree as to whether it's white or blue) - there's no regularity to it... the engine can be hot or cold, travelling along the motorway or sat in traffic. Sometime it does it. Sometimes it doesn't. But on my 1.5 to 2hr journey to the office it wil
  6. Hey all. I've just bought a 2007 Corolla Verso T180. I'd like to get the Sat Nav system for the dash (yes, I know I can have a Tom Tom or phone based system, but I want a system in the dash). I assume I need to stick with an official Toyota one in order to have the best fit etc. Naturally though, I expect that going via Toyota would be stupidly expensive. I can see that some units are available via eBay etc, but how can I check what model system would be compatible? Would any of the TNS510, TNS600 or TNS700 work? Is this something that I could fit myself or is something best left to a professi
  7. Hello all. I've just arrived back in the UK after 3.5 years living in New Zealand. 2 days ago I bought a 2007 Corolla Verso 2.2 D-Cat T180 in black. Prior to leaving the UK I had a 2005 Corolla Verso 2.2 D-4D T3. Really enjoying the new one, it's a big improvement over the previous one and of course the kids (7, 5 and 18mths) are enjoying the screens in the back! Well, that's me for now! D
  8. Steve

    Welcome to the Toyota forums DTBK :)

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