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  1. Thanks for the input, as an old time Post Office/BT engineer the dry joint is a familiar concept and i had thought its possible the PCB is changing shape with the temp. As the ECU appears to be the first thing on the production line and the rest of the car built around it, i had come to the same conclusion re keys, but always worth a punt to see if anyone has had same probs, just a vain hope it might be programming, you know the open the door , switch the ignition on and off , shut the door, stand on your head and blow the hooter regime. Thanks anyway, will just wait for spring.
  2. Thanks oldcodger, clock displays and you can adjust it but it does not move, cig lighter works, keys checked, suspect temp does have a bearing on the prob , but i think it may be on the cpu, but then it still does it when the car is warm (Engine and Interior) also why would it centrally lock with the key but not centrally unlock ?? it is an odd one, the local Toyota Main Dealer could not help without suggesting we changed the CPU and keys, which would not guarantee to cure the prob, and you can imagine the cost.?????????????
  3. Here is one for you knowledgeable Corolla owners, had a 2004 1.4 Corolla for several years now, just gone over 1000,000 runs the same as the day i bought it, few dings and scratches now, but as second car and utterly reliable no probs, except for a weird fault which first appeared about 4 years ago, suddenly the remote locking and the clock stopped working, not all that weird you might say, but while the clock never worked again the remote locking is season dependant, about April time it will start working again, ok through summer Oct stops again??????????? same for last few years ( Somewhat annoying) when its in a bad mood you have to unlock the door with a key and press the rocker switch on the door to unlock rest of car, oddly when you lock it it central locks. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????
  4. Anyone come across this prob, in the winter eg ( cold weather) the remote locking/unlocking using the keyfob will not work, when the weather warms up it starts to work again, and works all through the summer, this has occurred last 2/3 years, i know it is weird but true never the less. when it first stopped working took it to the local Toyota dealer, waste of time, and money.
  5. thanks, however my question was "can i set it so car centrally unlocks manually" at present if i unlock with the key it only unlocks the drivers door, i then have to unlock the rest with the rocker switch on the door. the odd thing is when you lock the drivers door with the key all doors lock??
  6. Remote locking has failed on my 2004 corolla, can anyone tell me how to set it so central unlocking works , if i unlock the drivers door with a key i have to operate the rocking switch on the door to open the other doors, however all doors lock with the when drivers door locked ??? car does have double locking
  7. 2004 t3 toyota corolla initially intermittent probs with remote locking/unlocking (new batts fitted in fobs) still intermittent. now not working at all.been to main dealers and had it checked they say it could be the keys £150 or it might be the central unit, do not feel inclined to fork out £150 for keys which may not solve the problem. ( not impressed), they say the locking system cannot be reset manually but i have seen official paper work that gives a reset sequence which involves inserting and removing key in ignition and and opening and shutting drivers door in a set sequence , however this has not worked. the drivers door can be unlocked manually but this does not unlock the other doors, however all doors lock centrally from the drivers door??? any ideas/suggestions gratefully accepted
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums ringaround :)