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  1. I have two toyota netz emblems one brand new still in bubble wrap never fitted, and one that was fitted to my auris for approx 2 months in great conditions just needs some bug remover to get the stubborn critters off in few places, im looking to sell both for £50, complete bargain as i paid £50 each for these from japan
  2. what seller on ebay did you get the gaitor from?
  3. i struggled with this for a while but when i figured it out im amazed more badges arent stolen, i used the long thin blade on a penknife inserted it between badge and bodywork at about the 4 o clock position if that makes sense, apply a little pressure and it pops out
  4. i think the air filter housing needs to be removed to gain access, and the filter itself just unscrews like the oil filter
  5. What is the recall i have it next week too, my car is a 1.4d4d, it was in for the window switch recall and is being booked back in for a steering recall and also this instrument panel recall
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums ei2gfb :)