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  1. It's chain driven, cant help with the rest sorry.
  2. Not been on here for yonks. So we are 2 Rav's at the moment, lovely car in Blue Crush Icon. Drives like a dream, first time I've owned a new car no regrets at all. Only took 1 week for delivery, well done Toyota. Being a car nut and very particular about how a car feels and drives, then reading the slating the new Rav is getting makes me wonder what planet the press are on.
  3. It's all about the Icon alloys :-) looks the dogs.
  4. Took delivery of a new Blue Crush 2.0 Icon (not hybrid and partly due to 4 month waiting list). It might be because it's a new car but I think it drives like a dream, comparing it to our old 2006 RAV4 with 17's not much of a comparison but I am really surprised. And looks alone, the Icon IMO looks the dogs with those alloys, part of the reason why I didnt go for the Excel, let alone those Pleather seats... On a side note, have you read the awful reviews about the hybrid handling because of the extra weight? And I think it only works up to 1 mile at a time up to 30mph, so what's the point
  5. Worse still when it's 4c then you drive down the road it's 3c and bing! Then a bit more then it's 4c then a bit more it's 3c bing! ....and on and on.......flipping heck - bing on, bing off...warning on...warning off.......I know you can disable it but you can only disable it during your trip. Then tomorrow it starts all over again....rubbish design Toyota! And the warning is massive like something major's gone wrong...it's well OTT.
  6. 2006 Rav4 xt3 2.0 petrol - averaging 32mpg, tank range about 350miles. Performance is average but it's not about speed in one of these really is it. I think reading about the diesels mpg and what they cost there's probably not a lot in it. Petrol is most probably more reliable with no egr, dpf etc. But...wish they did a 6 speed manual petrol as engine can be a bit noisy over 70mph. Old tech engine however, bullet proof otherwise!
  7. My 2006 Rav4 2.0 petrol does both of what you are asking about. Had car 2 years it had 63k on the clock when bought now has 78k on the clock. Same symptoms so I would say it's normal. Try changing gear slowly and you'll notice the revs drop before you change gear. It's something to do with emissions if I remember...but crap design if you ask me, none of the other cars we have owned have ever done this. It's the old engine as well from the Rav4 2 so don't expect it to be latest technology! I can live with it revving when changing gear but the whine is a PITA. Shame really, amazing car otherwis
  8. Good job this thread reminded me. I checked mine a couple of days after the news and got the green tick. Just checked again and says its subject to a recall. Will let you guys know the outcome.
  9. My MRS RAV4 is not noisy at all when cold, mpg averages around 31mpg. OK so the MPG isn't great but it's a heavy car but for around town it's a no brainier. The only thing I think its missing is a 6th gear to make motorway cruising a bit quieter as the revs can be a bit high, but i guess thats just the technology that was around. Brilliant car wish I'd bought her one a few years earlier.
  10. Our petrol xt3 is bomb proof. I'll take a hit on reliability over diesel thanks.
  11. Same symptoms (revving & whine) on my 56 plate xt3 petrol. Had the car 12 months and been the same all the time. I think it's transmission related. I did an ecu reset a few months ago and it went away for a day and then came back. I asked Toyota to fix and they said it was the clutch - £1000 repair er no thanks. I can live with these as they are niggles but the revving when changing gears is a stupid design. Brilliant car otherwise and can live with 31mpg as its Mrs car for town use.
  12. Personally think it's ridiculous Toyota removed the spare, my rav4.3 even has a spare alloy let alone a space saver. My older IS200 also had a spare alloy in the boot as well! You guys myst be paying upwards £24k for a new RAV4, what's next - only 1 key! Cost saving in the extreme if you ask me.
  13. Duelers on mine, new set fitted all round last year. They were awesome in the snow we had earlier this year! I wouldnt bother with winters either, the all terrains are fine for most of the UK!
  14. Mine's also been clunking 10 months since I've owned the car and 8k miles later, havent really got round to fixing as it only does it now & again and defo not when i'm driving at speed. Car passed MOT this year as well.
  15. Mine's been doing this as well, in March they didnt work at all for about 1/2 hour then the car warmed up and they worked. I thought it was frost, but think it's similar to OP's problem. Last week they were really weak and seemed to struggle half way and then speeded up. Looks like a pig of a job to replace as well. Gonna keep an eye on mine.
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