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  1. Happy Birthday Ivan1202!

  2. PDT.....can You give me contacts of dealer who solve Your problem. I prefer e-mail adress! Best regards Ivan
  3. Thank You so much for informations. I will contact Toyota car service and tell them to investigate Your experiences. This buzz is really going on my nervs because car is almost new and perfectly maintained. I'm a little disappointed about quality. In fact, I bought Toyota because of its world known quality.
  4. I am new member from Croatia(southeast Europe). I have Toyota Avensis 1.8 vvt-i, year 2008, T-25 model. Also I am member of Toyota Club Croatia for few years Generally I am satisfied with my car and I love Toyota! Only bad with my car is that I have constant problems with my gear stick buzz. Sorry all if my english is bad!
  5. PDT How did You solve this problem in the end? I have same problem with my Avensis 1.8, year 2008, with 45000km, here in Croatia! I am out of warranty, and repair will cost me 700Euro. They want to change shift lever and cables. I have this vibration of gearstick and buzz on every gear after 2900 rpm. I' ve noticed that buzz 18 months ago and reported it to Toyota service when car was under warranty. They said that plastic is working under temperature difference so I don't have to worry about it. In the start I noticed that buzz comes periodically only on 2nd gear and only on 3000 rpm. Now the buzz is on every gear from 2900 to 4000 rpm, sometimes especially on 5th gear on highway and over 4000 rpm. Now I am really ****** because they want to charge me for 700Euro, and after one year I could espect same problem as You. And as I can conclude it is obvious that this is serial fault on Avensis.
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums Ivan1202 :)