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  1. Hi Today I had chance to test Android Auto system on new Toyota C-HR. Amazing how easy the phone was connect first time and all works great (maps, Spotify...) I tested it with Oneplus 7 Pro. I will definitely upgrade my Corolla as soon as it possible. In Finland it will cost 99€.
  2. According to Toyota Finland, there is also update for MM17 multimedia device. To get this update, you have to contact your local dealer... This update should help with map orientation etc....
  3. In Finland we have to use grill-block during winter. Here you can see, what kind of block you should have on your Toyota, if you are going to make it DIY block.... Grill-block catalog
  4. I have got 2019 Corolla Hybrid with AHS lights. According to manual, you can change Adaptive High-beam System (AHS) settings by using Techstream. Manual says, there is three options (speed) when the brightness and illuminated area changes mode. But you can not find this option on Techstream, there is only AHS operation speed pattern setting (Pattern 1, Pattern 2 and Pattern 3). I change it to Pattern 3 (default was Pattern 1), but I can not see any difference. Can anyone help me with this?
  5. Yes. Temperature has a large effect on fuel consumption. Especially if you drive short distances and you have got lot of cold starts. Right now, I am pre-heating my Hybrid Auris before start. Temperature is now -25 C and it is going to drop down to -35 C. But I must say, the Hybrid is warmer car than my old Auris (2.0 diesel), there is no any problem, even this kind of weather.
  6. They have now solve the problem (BE-0071T-1016). On the modification they install better heating element under the camera and update the software. This mod came on last month. My Auris has got now this modification. On the attach, you can see the mod (sorry, it is on Finnish..) Kameralämmitys.pdf
  7. Hi I also live in Northern Finland. I have use six months now 98E on my Auris Hybrid (2016 face lift). Owner manual say: octane 95 or higher. Not notice any problem. Of course, the cold weather affects fuel comsumption, but 98E compensate that...
  8. Hi My Auris Hybrid (2016) have got following issue. The front parking sensor give sometimes continous beeb, soon after I select D gear. I have encounter this issue two times (it rain in both time). Next day the system works perfect. I have check the sensors, the is no visible dirt/damage on it. Car is eight month old (8000 km)
  9. Normally the engine only runs to warm itself up. But if you want the engine to idle, to perform a service or emissions inspection, you can set your Hybrid Auris to maintenance mode. 1. Press the start button twice with your foot off the brake pedal 2. Depress the accelerator two times fully (make sure, the vehicle is in park) 3. Put the vehicle in neutral (press the brake pedal) 4. Depress the accelerator two times fully 5. Put the vehicle back into park (press the brake pedal) 6. Depress the accelerator two times fully Now you should see the MAINTENANCE MODE on the multi-information display 7. Depress the brake pedal and press the Start button The engine will immediately start to idle and will do so until you turn off the car. Be careful with maintenance mode: traction control and many other self-preservation systems are disabled when the car is in maintenance mode. The idle speed is about 1000 rpm and if you depress accelerator pedal, max idle speed is 2500 rpm.
  10. Thanks for your reply. The main issue is unnecessary battery boost on slow, constant speed, witch occur sometimes. After cold start, my Auris behaves exactly same like yours, Rusiki. Mainly my Auris HSD system works as I expect, but once in a while I encounter this strange behavior (shown in a video). I will mention this issue to local Toyota dealer, when I receive service call (Safety Sense camera heater installation).
  11. I get my Auris on march 2016. I have study, how the Toyota HSD works, and I know the principle of the HSD operation (MG1, MG2 and ICE). But my main concern is, why it sometime use battery same time with ICE so much. Like I said, usually it use battery with ICE, only during powerful acceleration. On the video ICE barely kicks on constant speed.
  12. Hi Could you say, is this normal or abnormal HSD operation? After 10 kilometer highway drive, I stop the car and after 15-20 minute I start it again. When I gently accelerate (ICE kicks in) the battery boost all the time. The speed is about 40 km/h and every time I (gently) touch the gas pedal, the Hybrid battery boost the electric motor. Why it works like that? Usually the Hybrid battery boost the system only in powerful acceleration. Now it waist the battery power. Driving conditions: -Engine temp, normal -Speed 40 km/h -Toyota Auris Hybrid Facelift 2016 Here is the video, you can see what I mean. Abnormal HSD operation
  13. There is rack for extra light available. The rack comes under the licence plate.Extra light rack I think, I am going to get 2 X 36W LED bar, something like this LED bar
  14. Hi I have 2016 facelift Auris Hybrid with LED lights. I want to get better hi-beam lights, so I decide to install extra lights to my Auris. What is the best place "steal" the control to relay?