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  1. I need to put a new clutch on my roller any recomendations ? I would like something good but not over the top expensive, was all so thinking of maybe putting a lighter fly-wheel on what do you guy's think.
  2. newbie :P

    E11 ?

    I have looked at pics of the e11 sr g6 facelift and they all seam to be 3dr :/ mines a 5dr lol
  3. rubber around the piston split on the (on side)

  4. brakes faild this morning :/ on side

  5. All it says on the module is toyota theft warning and a load of numbers probably not very helpfull I no but its all I have got lol
  6. newbie :P

    E11 ?

    Cheers bos man lol changes me pic to head on view if that helps any
  7. newbie :P

    E11 ?

    I what's my car ?its a 1.6 corolla gls vvt-I is it a e11 ? I see people useing terms like e.... g6 and tall that was wondering what mine it or how can I find out thanks folks
  8. Someone must have a little advice :(
  9. short ram air intake with a k&n cone, road fast cams for dohc motor, thing I'm going to need to sort the ride out and get some better rubber :)

  10. Yer it was a little impatient lol
  11. Help needed asap really folks :(
  12. Hi all I'm new on here please read my post and offer some help thanms peepz :)
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