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  1. on my third tank of fuel since purchasing the 59 plate RAv, now done 10,120 miles. 45 litres filled me up again and the tripometer said 395 miles since I last filled up which was also 45 litres. I worked that out at around 39MPG. the OBC said 34.9 and I reset that everytime I have filled up Thats not bad for a car of this style ! I'm happy with that as most of my driving is local and short journeys.
  2. I've had my 59 plate RAV for 4 weeks now, its just done 10.000 miles and the OBC says 34MPG. I have only filled up once since I bought the car so cant really tell what the real MPG is when worked out on how many miles per gallon, but will let you know. I expect no more than 40 MPG ever out of the RAV even on a long journey. Despite the brochure for my model saying 49 MPG combined !
  3. Thanks for that, I once had a ford a few years ago with a radio that had the phone on it and that showed everything, even texts scrolled across !! I have always been told that Toyota are better than ford...... obviously not on the radios !! Thanks for the help though, I'll just put up with not knowing whos rining as I have more than 6 contacts !
  4. Hi Guys, I've managed to get my phone to talk to the radio in my new 59 rav, but it doesnt show names from my address book when someone is calling, is this possible? do I need extra software on my phone ? the phone is a Samsung S3. Thanks in advance !
  5. Thanks for all the replies, I will get to give it a blast out, but I've only had it a few days, so need to get used to it first. Looking forward to using the 4 wheel system when snow or bad weather arrives too !
  6. After a month searching I finally found a Rav ! 2009 XTR D4D 59 plate, silver with 9000 miles on the clock, 1 elderly owner from new. Its in immaculate condition as you'd expect. Just getting used to the keyless system and the way it drives, but so far am impressed with its preformance !
  7. Paul Moore


    Yes its a 150BHP 59 plate. !
  8. Paul Moore


    It seems its an average of around 40mpg+ or - a few miles depending on how hard we push the throttle ! I'm hoping to take delivery of a Rav next week, 59 plate with 7000 miles, still havent seen it yet as its a part ex at the local Toyota garage and the other guy is awaiting delivery of his brand new Rav, thanks for the replies, I will keep you all updated !
  9. Paul Moore


    thanks for all the replies and keep the commenst coming, I'm still hooked on a rav and will now wait for the bad weather to go before looking for the right one. and to answer the topic above I always have my aircon on in the car, keeps the windows from steaming up, the audi doesnt have a seperate fan. so it's aircon or nothing.
  10. Paul Moore


    Thanks for all the replies, all these answers and now i'm not sure I should get a Rav, economy is a big part of everyday life these days, so to drop from my current 40+ to 30+ is a big drop. I'll keep asking and searching online for more positive things to make me swop my Audi a3 diesel. Although according to Parkers site the audi should do 51 mpg and the rav 48 ! for diesel models of course. I think I'll call some dealers tomorrow and see what different figures I get given ! Will keep you all updated and thanks for your help
  11. Paul Moore


    Thanks dave, that's very helpful and I too us to keep every receipt and make notes on my mileage.... Sad aren't we LOL
  12. Paul Moore


    My current car a diesel gt me around 475 miles per tank. Cots £65.00 to fill what's the cost on a rav and anyone care to estimate how many miles per tank ? Based on a 150 brp rav, the 180 would be too expensive to run.
  13. Paul Moore


    I haven't bought it yet, but it will be a diesel 07'08 or 09 with no more than 60'000 on the clock. I'm searching for a good spec model as we speak !
  14. Paul Moore


    What sort of mpg can I expect from a rav diesel, the brochure says 47 as an average, but the dealer said more like 37. Anyone got an example of what they get, I.ll be doing mainly town driving.
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