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  1. Thanks Guys. The mobile phone thing could lead somewhere as I do have a handsfree kit fitted. I'll see if I can figure out how to take the radio out and check the connections on the back.
  2. Hello All, recently, my stock radio turns off by itself but if I switch the fan motor to off then back to, say, position 2 or three, the radio will give a "pop" through the speakers and turn on again.. Not a major problem by any means but frustrating. If it's night and the vehicle lights are switched on, when the radio goes off the lights behind the radio buttons go out too. Again, switching the fan to off position then on again brings the radio back on along with the radio button lights. My other half says the car's haunted but I disagree. Any thoughts on how to keep the radio
  3. How about a small piece of velcro on the headlining to hold the visor up? Phil.
  4. Thanks David, I never thought of that, but I don't expect much muck would get shifted with just the washers alone. Maybe I'm over-thinking it...? Phil.
  5. Good morning All, my Rav4 runs like a dream but something's been puzzling me for a while. Can't remember which way you twist the control but there's a setting which just activates the rear washer without the wipe function. Why would you want to wash without the accompanying wipe? Or am I missing something. The normal rear wash/wipe and rear wiper delay functions all work fine. Many thanks in advance. Phil.
  6. Happy Birthday Yelramp!

  7. Hi, don't know about the Rav but a couple of previous cars have had a window reset feature which has worked for me when they got "confused". May be worth trying? With ignition on and offending door open: 1. Window down completely, hold button in the down position for 5 seconds more then release button. 2. Window up completely, hold button in the up position for 5 seconds more then release button. Might be worth trying on the driver's door also if it doesn't work on the rear door itself. Phil.
  8. My 2.0L petrol consistently returns between 31 and 33 mpg. I use the car almost exclusively to work and back again which comprises a couple of miles around town then about 10 miles uninterrupted country road. Having said that, I do believe 5th gear and a light right foot are major players when it comes to getting decent mileage from my RAV.
  9. Yelramp

    New Wipers

    Dingles Toyota Norwich. New front wipers £15.90 and the nice chap in the parts department fitted them too. So pleased I can now see where I'm going and not just where I've been.
  10. Lots of members seem to have changed to nightbreakers recently. Are they really so good and is it straightforward enough to change the bulbs on a 4.2? Many thanks.
  11. Fleabay item number 360617593864 Phil.
  12. So went to local Toyota dealer yesterday, they put the battery on their testing machine and it showed as "not holding charge - replace battery". Yes, they agreed spurious alarm activation could be a sign of battery troubles. Their recommended battery (45ah) was £57 fitted. Asked about a higher capacity unit and they said wasn't to be recommended. Anyway, went for their suggested recommendation with 3 years warranty. Don, I'll clean the door switches at the weekend, thanks for the suggestion. Phil.
  13. Don't know how old it is Kev. Shows as an Exide EB455 45AH 300A on the label. Worryingly, I found a list of so-called compatible vehicles for this battery and the Rav4 wasn't among them. In fact the only Toyota listed was the Tercel??
  14. This may be of use to someone: Nankang SW-5 full winter tyres (with snowflake & mountain logo), full set delivered and fitted locally for £327.60 from mytyres.co.uk I've used Nankang winters previously on my TT Quattro (or as Big Kev called it, "Audi buttock scraper") and found them to be very good. Mine are being fitted on Saturday to the RAV. I don't have any links with the company other than having used them previously for winter tyres and found their service and prices suited me. (I think their tyres are sourced in Germany which doesn't seem to have availability issues). (Best price I
  15. Good morning All, is there a simple way of gauging whether my battery is on it's way out? Reason I'm asking is that last night, the alarm went off a few times for no apparent cause. I opened / closed all doors, back door, bonnet and windows and turned off the interior sensor (3 remote clicks) but I've read that this could be an early sign of battery problems. The car had a full Toyota service just 2 weeks ago but I don't know whether they actually test the battery's condition or just tighten and grease the terminal connections. The car turns over and starts fine so appears OK otherwise but I
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