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  1. Is this when the phone is plugged into the stereo at the same time using the 3.5mm jack? Ive had this same problem, since i upgraded my head unit its stopped. the reason for it is called a ground loop and you can buy something to go in between the stereo and the phone to stop it, ill have a look and see what they are called they not expensive. i dont know much more than that Edit: this is the product that does in theory solve the problem http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GROUND-LOOP-ISOLATOR-WITH-GOLD-PLATED-CONNECTORS-/140500004951?pt=UK_Sound_Vision_Cables_Leads_Connectors&hash=item20b673f057
  2. Hello all, Since I Bought my aygo the clutch has been slipping. I read that the aygo clutch needs to Be adjusted manually. I found a guide on how to adjust it but I'm having no luck and II have a suspicion the guide was for the petrol car whereas mmine is diesel. Does anybody have any ideas on how to adjust the clutch or to stop the slipping? Thanks Emile ps. There is no free play before the clutch bites or If there is any it is under 5mm
  3. Brilliant I'll attempt it Tomorrow :-) I once adjusted one of our farms Tractors hand brake and completely unbalance and locked the brakes on, you learn from your mistakes ;-)
  4. Hello, so the handbrake on my new (second hand) aygo is right at the top of tje ratchet inside the car. Do anyone know how to adjust it, i know it not on the outside as i had it lifted up last week at the garage and i snuck a look. Many thanks Emile
  5. Found a handy guide here http://www.citybugblog.com/2007/03/aluminium-gear-knob-custom-gear-lever.html
  6. Aha it has a button only. I think my starting issues may be coming from a second key made third party and tripping the imoboliser. So I got the original second key, without the remote unlocking, and it seems to start car fine. Any idea if I can buy a remote key? And from where?
  7. Okay I'll get on to it today. Is it to much to try at home and does anybody know of any instructions on how to do it? I've mended tractors before but unsure about the car. Thank you for the advice everybody :-)
  8. Once started in the morning it runs fine and starts fine throughout the day. Only the initial start is causing me bother Edit: does the aygo really need to be bled? anyway to determine it? i was reading on the internet that some modern engines do not need to be bled, fact or fiction?
  9. How easy is it to bleed the engine? it may not have been out of fuel but instead had the same problem as I'm experiancing now. Any recommendations as how to determine If the glow plugs need looking at?
  10. So I've had my diesal aygo for two days now and the last two mornings I've had issues starting it up. What's happens is on the first attempt I turn the key the engines catches and then turns off. After that it takes about 3 to 5 mins to get it started. When we went to see he dealer he had trouble starting it and then realised it was out of fuel. He topped it up and it took a few minutes for him to start it. So I have two question, first do you think there was any damage done to the car when the dealer was attempting to start it or from it running out of fuel. Secondly is there any ideas what t
  11. Thanks for the reply, it puts my mind to ease, I was thinking it was Lasting forever. I'm going to go and brim it today as I have 100 mile round trip. I'm thinking of also replacing the gear knob as it feels very cheap, any recommendation, for eithiergenuine Toyota and after market? Once again thanks for the reply Ian
  12. Hello everybody. This is my first post on this forum, I've just bought my first aygo. A nice 2006 red diesal sport. I'm loving it so far and it feels surprisingly quick. I have two questions. First is does the aygo have remote unlocking? I have what appear to be two genuine Toyota keys is but nethier has a button on it to unlock the car. The second question is I have done about 80 miles in it so far and fuel gauge has not dropped below full (I filled it up when I bought it)is that normal or could guage be broken. It was flashing on the lowest bar when I got into the petrol station. Oh and ive
  13. Welcome to the Toyota forums Emile1920 :)

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